Burp-back Mountain & B-Ball

  • Workout Date - 09/29/2022
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

10 PAX gathered to shake off the hurt laid down by 3rd Base at TOT on Thursday morning, and were not disappointed. Spent some time on Burp-back Mountain and the B-Ball court!

Mission – Nailed it!

Disclaimer – Yep, still an amateur.


Smurf Jacks X 20
Hillbillies X 20
Arm Circles forwards and backwards for 20 count

Mosey to basketball court with weights
Yo’levens of the following:
Curls on one end and shoulder presses on the other
Lunge walk with weights held over head in one direction
Bear crawl with weights back to the other side

Mosey to Burp-back Mountain and partner up
PAX 1 at top of mountain doing flies with weights
PAX 2 at bottom of mountain doing 10 burpees, then backwards trot up the mountain and tag in PAX 1 for their burpees.
Flip / flop for 5 reps of each (50 total burpees and around a 100 flies)

Mosey to the wall
PAX 1 sits in people’s chair while PAX 2 jogs over and does 5 swerkins.
Repeat for 3 turns each.

Mosey back to flags

MARY – flutters X 30

Mud Run May 20
Reedy River Run April 22

Soccer Mom’s M’s step-dad with throat cancer
Dr. Phil’s co-worker (Freddy) going for scan for potential cancer reappearance
Erector – two friends with illness.