Burbs Superbs

  • Workout Date - 05/02/2016
  • Q In Charge - Footloose
  • The PAX - Earthmover, Bartman, Slap Chop, Wilson, Big Short, Foie Gras, Footloose
  • AO -

YHC heeded Earthmover’s call for a QIC at #theburbs (or Bartman was going to have to pick it up…which just meant it would be awful) for some #getmovinmonday. Seven Rabbits decided to start their week off right by gathering around the #shovelflag and #gettingbetter. Here’s how it went down:

Seal Jacks IC x 17
Hillbillies IC x 17
Prisoner squat IC x 12 (YHC still hasn’t figured out how to #fourcount this one!)

Now to mosey over and grab a #coupon and get busy –
Returning to the parking lot, YHC calls out the plan; simple, yet effective
10 merkins on coupon
20 LBC’s – coupon overhead
30 Goblet squats
run around the church

return to coupons – rinse & repeat 4 times #crowdpleaser
At this point, Earthmover looks at Bartman and says “Can you take over Q now?” I smiled and said “Thank you!”

T-Claps to Bartman for finishing before YHC but taking a fifth lap so I didn’t have mosey alone!

Next up, so grab bag coupon work:
one-legged coupon curls x 10 each leg
bent-over one legged rows with coupon (yoga 3 pose for those trying to figure the position out) x 10 each leg
one-legged coupon overhead press x 10 each leg
rinse & repeat #mumblechatter #shouldersmokefest

Now, flutters x 10 with coupon overhead
1-arm elevated merkins x 10 each arm up on coupon
Rinse & repeat

Return coupons and hustle over to #shovelflag for MOM
YHC decided earlier this year to celebrate the effort of a particular PAX during the Q and offer MOM for them to lead…today’s effort was definitely Bartman. However, YHC didn’t realize he gave him 10 minutes…#uh-oh

Bartman leads us through some awful plank positions then called for some #JoeHendricks…TWICE with #peopleschair while on deck.

T-Claps to everyone! Superb effort by the #burbians

F3Dad’s was a huge success! Looking forward to more fun at Legacy starting in the next few weeks throughout the summer.
BRR teams are full (registration is now closed) however, P200 teams are already forming!
5/14 Millennium Blue Falcon at iCAR center – see Pre-Blast for details

Member at Grace church was tragically killed in motorcycle accident last week
Golden Sombrero hurt his leg this week. Prayers for quick healing

Always a pleasure leading in the #gloom,


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