Burbs Faceplant

  • Workout Date - 01/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Aught)
  • The PAX - Golden Sombrero, Zip It, Slapchop, Stuart Smalley, Earthmover, Ahhhnold, Mrs. Doubtfire, 00
  • AO -

Only the faithful came out for an off-the-posterior-chain workout. Thankfully, Ms. Doubtfire pulled up promptly at 5:32 to put us at even numbers. 7 is not a lucky number for an even-numbers-required event. Not to mention that we had 21 on Monday. How do we have a 60% decrease when the weather is a balmy 38? Not acceptable.

Warmup? Not really. We ran around the church to get some blood moving in the legs, and then went directly into the Denise Austin. Loosened up the hammys to make sure we could run the posterior chain circuit-o-suck. Partner up. One partner performs the faceplant (reverse hamstring curl) near the gym while the other holds the ankles to prevent a literal faceplant. After 10 reps, the faceplanter runs to the stairs for a Joe Hendrix. At the top of the stairs, 10 double-count, single-leg deadlifts. Down the stairs to the beginning and 5 super burpees before switching for the faceplant. While partner 1 runs the circuit, partner 2 has been patiently waiting switching between fairyjacks and Makhtars. 2 rounds each.

Mosey to the front. Keep partnering. One partner does 20 inverted rows on the stairs while the other does 10 squats and 10 merkins. 3 rounds each. Mosey back around to the Joe Hendricks stairs for 11s 10s, for a slightly more bent than normal ladder. 1 burpee at the bottom, 2 at the top, 3 at the bottom, etc. Golden remarks, “that’s a lot of burpees.” The RNC immediately arrives to vet Golden for the 2016 Presidential campaign based on this original and nonobvious thought. (Sarcasm directed at both Golden and the RNC for daring to recycle any candidate with the surname “Bush.”) We start after the RNC leaves and do a total of 55 burpees. We cut off the 11 to do a plank walk and Mary – Flutters and Dollies in cadence, with some star plank at the end.

Announcements – see the BeastSide blast from yesterday. Repeato.

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