Bullseye VQ Down in the Gully

  • Workout Date - 09/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - Bullseye
  • The PAX - Wings, Fire Marshall Bill, Mab Mab, Beaker, PSI, Bullseye (QIC)
  • AO -

6 PAX came out to Eye of the Tyger to see what Bullseye had in mind for his VQ. Considering he is a acupuncturist, they were hoping no needles would be involved. Here is how it went:

Conditions:70 degrees, cloudy, and eventually a little rainy

Warm Up:
20 High Knees IC
15 Merkins IC

The Main Thang:
Line up for a Indian Run towards the center of the park-before we hit the locked gate pull a hard right and run the perimeter of the ball field in the run off gully. Yeah, it was damp.

The Gully Snake
Starting on high left side of gully, 10 Shoulder Taps OYO
Run to low base of gully, 10 Burpees OYO
Run to high right side of gully, 10 air humpers OYO
Rinse and repeat x4
This only covered half the gully…
Starting on high left side of gully, 10 Lunges (doublecount) OYO
Run to low base of gully, 10 Meer Kat push ups OYO
Run to high right side of gully, 20 LBC OYO
Rinse and Repeat x3

Core Killer
15 Dolly’s IC
15 Rosalitas IC
15 Flutter Kicks IC
15 Dying Cockroachs IC
15 Freddy Mercury’s IC
Mosey to rock pile for a quick Dora

Dora 1-1 Got Stoned
Partner up, one PAX starts by running rock to top of hill, 5 overhead presses, run to bottom of hill
Other PAX starts on 100 Squats and then 100 Knerkins
Rotate until all reps are complete.
Mosey back 1/2 mile to meet Mary.

20 Russian Twist IC

Prayers for Fire Marshall Bill…unspoken…

Prayers for Walker- keep praying.

Prayers for Mab Mab house closing, new house construction start smooth

Prayers for Beaker’s son having difficult time at school


Great VQ this morning by Bullseye…the pain was certainly brought! Proud of all these guys at Eye of the Tyger. The last newbie to F3 b/c of this AO will VQ next Thursday. Thanks Wings! We have to keep asking and EHing people to come and join us in the gloom. This is something that could certainly be a blessing to them.

God bless you PAX- and thanks for everything!

Mab Mab/ Bullseye


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