Building B.L.I.M.P.S At The Keg

  • Workout Date - 06/01/2015
  • Q In Charge - Gluten
  • The PAX - 8Mile, Boom Hauer, Brown Shorts, Cabin Fever, Gutshot, Keystone, Quaker, Seal, Shiner, Slug, Swift, T Bag, Tiny Dancer, Youkillis and YHC, Gluten.
  • AO -

PowderKeg is a unique AO with opportunity for a varied workout each time out. However, no matter how many times you Q, it’s easy to bite off more than you can chew. I never seem to be able to fit everything that I had planned for the PAX. But, with the nature of The Keg, the PAX gets smoked and what you don’t get to work in, there’s always NEXT time, or maybe a SATURDAY …when you have 15 more minutes! The TRUTH is the exercises don’t get easier, but we get stronger. Anticipating that time on the end would be needed for Mary, YHC knew that the Warm – up would need to be more basic with fewer reps. That being said, here’s how we began the month of June in the gloom of The PowderKeg…


ACF, IC x 15; ACR, IC x 15; IW, IC x 15; SSH, IC x 15 …and that’s it. Let’s Mosey#1 round the church  and to the bottoms of the parking lot where Smoking Joe Hendrix is just a waiting!

The Thang, Part I

Joe Hendrix (backward bear crawl through all three tiers of steps – including the double set) Negotiate the parking lot pavement between each set of steps with karaoke, reverse sprints, and crab walk to front church entrance. Plank position while waiting on the six with Right arm High, Right leg High, etc. and then we Mosey#2 to Part II…

The Thang, Part II

Building B.L.I.M.P.S. (Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Mericans, Parker Peters, & finally Squats). This routine uses each and every level of the main parking lot as well as the road behind the church and the entrance road on the south end of parking lot. The Mosey#2 to the start of Part II may have left the PAX thinking that YHC was taking us back for a 2nd round of Smoking Joe Hendrix. NOPE. Instead we did what would be the first set of:

  • Burpees, OYO x 7 followed by a short mosey#3 that would always be expanded in distance with a seemingly ever expanding number of exercises on the NEXT LEVEL UP! Once there, more
  • Burpees, OYO x 7 PLUS
  • Lunges, on YHC’s count (to assure 1 lunge for each leg) x 8. This was followed by another expanded mosey#4  to the NEXT LEVEL UP! Once there, a 3rd set of
  • Burpees, OYO x 7;
  • Lunges – on YHC’s count, x 8 PLUS
  • Imperial Walkers, IC x 9! Hmmm, starting to see a pattern here. Another expanded mosey#5 to the NEXT LEVEL UP! Once there, a 4th set of
  • Burpees, OYO x 7;
  • Lunges, on YHC’s count x 8;
  • Imperial Walkers, IC x 9 PLUS
  • Mericans, IC x 10! You guessed it… Expanded mosey#6 to the NEXT LEVEL UP: On the back side of the church, for a 5th set of
  • Burpees, OYO x 7;
  • Lunges, on YHC’s count x 8;
  • Imperial Walkers, IC x 9;
  • Mericans, IC x 10 PLUS
  • Peter Parkers, IC x 11! Expanded mosey#7. This NEXT LEVEL UP takes us one and a half times around the church to the entrance road at front (south) end of the church for a 6th set of
  • Burpees, OYO x 7;
  • Lunges, on YHC’s count x 8;
  • Imperial Walkers, IC x 9;
  • Mericans, IC x 10;
  • Peter Parkers, IC x 11 PLUS
  • Squats, IC x 30

Congratulations! The PAX, all 15 of us, just completed Building B.L.I.M.P.S. NOW, YHC noticing it was 6:17 am, called an audible: JAILBREAK… to the Shovel Flag for COT & BOM! Sorry, no room for Mary on this smoker workout in the gloom of the PowderKeg!


  • Dave’s Run 5K 7:30am Saturday @ AU car pool for those going to leave at 6 am; Pre race workout QIC Wahoo
  • Quaker QIC for SAT workout at the Keg!
  • Kotters to Boom Hauer… He’s back!
  • RunForestRun 5K at Lake Connestee 7:00pm Friday
  • Plans to launch 2 AOs in Pickens County… Easley & Clemson before year end – PowderKeg leading the charge; follow SC F3 Expansion on Twitter from Sway, our state F3 Nantan
  • Hook & Ladder getting us up a F3 Shirt order
  • Piano recital for Tiny Dancer
  • Seal’s 5 year old graduates 5k
  • YHC’s bite on the arm – Mosquito, bad one
  • YHC’s daughter Lauren due anytime
  • YHC shared the parallel between our mentoring activity and discipleship or great commission movement that glorifies GOD
  • Continued Prayers for TPC during difficult time
  • YHC prayed us out of the Ball Of Man
  • Seal called the ‘flyover’ and we got in an additional 10 burps for a grand total of 52 and 210 repetitions and 2.99 Miles covered in 47 minutes. Two minutes overtime. My bad!

As always, it is an honor to struggle in the gloom of the PowderKeg alongside YOU F3 Brothers as we strive to become better in our fitness, fellowship and our faith. Take up YOUR opportunity to lead… Q calendar has openings. Until next time… Gluten, OUT!

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