Build It and They Will Come

  • Workout Date - 12/10/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Ricky Bobby, Wifi (respect), MrHead, MedullaOblongata, Kipper (the dog), Bagman, BigV, Slap Chop, FNG Matt - SnowBlower, Bib (WD - respect), Iceman, SnipIt
  • AO -

12 (including 1 FNG) posted at #RunaWaze. The #Eastside’s newest AO continues to grow.

The Thang:

Golden Sombrero texted me early this morning that he was in surgery late so needed someone to take his Q #sleepisoverrated. I grabbed the Q and decided to amp it up a bit……

Pearls on a String
Run down S. Batesville to Shallowstone. @WiFi doubled back to get @BigV as he rolled in on two wheels #noparallelparkingallowed
Burpee Builder x2 (burpee builder = 3 step exercise – merkin / donkey kick / squat jump) example – 2 merkins then 2 donkey kicks then 2 squat jumps
Burpee Builder x4
Indian Run
Burpee Builder x6, freddie mercury x20
Indian Run
Burpee Builder x8
Burpee Builder x10 (diamond merkins)
Indian Run
Burpee Builder x12 (diamond)
Burpee Builder x14 (diamond), flutters x20
Burpee Builder x14 (wide merkins)
Indian Run
Burpee Builder x12 (wide)
Indian Run
Burpee Builder x10 (wide)
Burpee Builder x8
Burpee Builder x6 (exploding merkins)
Run – AYG back to BVES
Early finishers did LBC 2.0 until everyone was back


Naked Moleskin:
– Love that we were missing 4 regulars and still had 12 guys
– Welcome Matt G – aka @SnowBlower
– #TaleOfTheTape – We covered 2.75mi according to my #notsotrusty Garmin and did 106 reps of each excercise (plus core work and lunge walks)
– Continue to #headlock guys in the area
– #Tclaps to @Wifi and @BigV from #GoldenStrip, @MrHead and @RickyBobby from #TheStation and @MedullaOblongata from #Pitchfork for joining us

– Support #LetThereBeMom on 10/22 by eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at participating restaurants
– Support #HopeRelay on 11/14 getting a 4 man team together and running (@RickyBobby created a division just for F3 and FIA teams) #awesome
– Both of the above have strong ties to F3 Swamp Rabbit PAX (@OneDirection’s M founded LTBM and @RickyBobby heads up the Hope Relay)

Prayer Requests
– @Kipper’s M is expecting a 2.1 any day now

See ya in the gloom……


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