BUD/S school for swabees

  • Workout Date - 11/24/2014
  • Q In Charge - Seal - VQ
  • The PAX - Youkillis, Brown shorts, Gut shot, P square, Poodle, Gluten (Respect), Boomhauer, Roid, Quaker (Respect), Inspector Gadget (Respect), Crunchy, FNG - Swift, FNG - Keystone, Domer Simpson
  • AO -


15 men emerged from the fartsack to play in the aftermath of flash floods. (#soggybottomboys). YHC gave them all a little taste of Ranger School (what I could remember anyway) for my #1stQ. Here is what went down:

Warm up
SSH x30 IC
Burpee x20 IC    (in cadence? seriously?)
Merkins x10 IC
Air Squats x20 IC
Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
LBCs x 20 IC
The surfer x 20 IC  (#TeachingOpportunity, #NoRythym, #Hilarious)
Main Thang
Mosey to next AO Three rows, Call cadence (running in cadence=can’t…breathe!)
Jacob’s ladder
Uphill – top_1 burpee – downhill
Backup – rinse and repeat to 7 burpees.
Hip dips x10 IC
Mosey to next AO – Three rows, Call Cadence (how do you run and sing at the same time?) (Props to Boomhauer for coming off with more awesome JodieCalls !!!)
Jack’s Webb x10 OYO (1 merkin/4 air press, 2 merkin/8 air press. Rinse. Repeat) (That’s 10 merkins/40 air presses on last set – Thanks Brown Shorts for inspiring us all to set higher goals!!!!  Arms weigh a ton)
Flutterkicks x10 IC  (#splishsplashinthepuddles)
Werkins x10 IC
Mosey to next AO – no cadence  (well…some cadence, getting winded now)
Crab walk 20 yards – Bear crawl back  (going to hurl, tasting vomit)
Monkey humpers x 20 IC  (another teaching opportunity, #calfburn!!)
Hip Dips x15 IC (sad when this feels like a break)
Merkins x15 IC
Jailbreak back to the flag !!
Mountain climbers x20 IC
LBC x30 IC
Heels to heaven x10 IC
Hello Dollies x10 IC
Naked moleskin:

  • Cleveland park convergence this Thursday (11/27/14) – all Powderkeg report to the “Lion’s Den” AO
  • McCant’s bowl on Wednesday – see Inspector Gadget for more info
  • More Q opportunities on Calender
  • Anderson launch complete
  • Ghost Flag – currently at Golden Strip  (plan an assault)
  • Prayer requests going out to those with awkward/tense situations coming up with families this week and through the holidays.
  • Also prayers to those with injuries and surgeries
  • And prayers to those who have recently lost family members and loved ones

It was a very motivational workout and a pleasure for me to lead. Thanks to all my fellow F3’ers for #embracingthesuck  and  #enduringthegloom. BUD/S school will resume in the near future. Hoah!


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  1. I knew when I saw that S.E.A.L. was up for his VQ it would be epic. Really hate I missed it but as you guys were “leading the way” I was in the southbound traffic heading home. This is the dreaded week that happens every third that I have to miss the keg. Don’t want to miss the next round of BUD/S

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