BUBBA GUMP is due for a Q

  • Workout Date - 05/12/2015
  • Q In Charge - Houdini
  • The PAX - Pledge, Latka, Snyder, Denied, The Hardhat, Phil Dunphy, Debit, Hootie, Darth Bieber, Soul Plane, Handy Manny, Bubba Gump, Annie Oakley, San Diago, Eppe, Holla, Scuba Steve, Satisfry, Homeward Bound, Double Windsor, Earth Mover, Fruity Pebbles, Maverick, Old McDonald,Winslow & Houdini
  • AO -

26 tiny dancers put on their And1 kicks to place their man stamp on a 100% Houdini improv …. I planned absolutely nothing of what you’re about to read, awesome problem to have a big group so we just kept moving

Gloom Observations – Winslow proved he can grow facial hair, counting in cadence can sometimes make me question my intelligence, Pledge cannot grow facial hair, Hootie occasionally dresses like a Crystal Light model, San Diago’s sleeves are MIA, make sure you Google Merkin while in front of your boss at the Office –  BUBBA GUMP AND MAVERICK HAVE YET TO Q

Warm up:
Merkin Mountain Climbers X 10

Flutters X 20

Merkins X15

HR Burpees x 5


The Thang:

Liberty bridge circle for some Dips X20 / RTX20 REPEATO

Mosey towards Furman College Way and pause for more Dips X15

Bottom of FCW – Circle around the circle up for HNJ X30 OYO and RT X20 REPEATO

Tackle the hill:

Rotate each street light w/ Merkins X20 and Squats X25 (About 10 sets of each #Cheddarmelt)

Pause halfway and gather for backward sprint up rest of hill

Occasional Merkin X20/ Squat X25 / LBC X30 stops

Circle around the circle for HNJs X30

Mosey to parking lot for dips X20

Mosey and stop for squats X25 then lunge walk thirty yards

Back to LB Fountain for dips X15 and fairy jacks X20

Mosey into Jailbreak

6MOM with some Derkins X10 / Flutters X30 / LBCs X15 / Freddy Mercs X15 all IC

Stick a fork in it

Naked Moleskin:

Join the F3 Task Force on May 20th 6PM at Barley’s to engage in various roles to grow & enhance the group, ask Pledge or Sponge to learn more

Greenwood is jamming, shout at Denied to help with an upcoming Q to and push them forward


Shake a leg,

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