BS Combo Intervals

  • Workout Date - 08/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - 00
  • The PAX - Amelia, Blades, Kotter, Blanks, Goggles, Longbottom, Dirty Myrtle, NSA, Grrrr, Oui Oui, Erector, Trumpet, Playdough, Perry Mason, Holla, Wilson, 00
  • AO -

17 Men ran in ovals. #RoFWHO?

The plan – Warmup mile. Run 20 mins at Threshold pace. This was a pretty serious pace. Then 400 recover, roll right into a 1k at interval pace, followed up by 2.5 mins recovery. Plan was for 3×1000, but time was close so we did 2 only and then a brief cooldown. If we had started a couple minutes earlier, we would have gotten it in. Alas, we decided to wait for Amelia to pull up in the parking lot. I am sure he would have been able to find us.

Michelin 5k – Amelia again drug down the group, stating that he was visiting his second cousin or something and couldn’t commit to the 5k. Public shaming ensued. It could have worked if Amelia had “emotions.”

COT – pray for Jaydon.

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