BRR Review – A Captain's Perspective

  • Workout Date - 12/11/2023
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Well, I am happy to report that, not only did we complete the BRR, but we did so injury free and in a time that exceeded our expectation!  We finished in 30:10 which was 77th out of 155 teams.

A few highlights from the race:

  • SlimFast turned 40 overnight in the REAL gloom (When you run on the foggy, new moon, pitch black, dirt roads, you gain a new appreciation for the word “gloom”).  That is one heck of a way to spend your 40th!
  • Baked potatoes taste really good at 2 am
  • Pancakes always taste good
  • F3 had 15 teams, or 10% of the field.  Very cool to see so many faces, many of which have posted with us.
  • New catch phrases:  JuJu, Wazer, Wabbits, Doorknob, Safety, Stay Left, and many more I am forgetting
  • It sucks to get “chicked”, or passed by a woman, even if she is crazy fast!

As I reflect back on the time spent together, I find myself appreciating what we have started to build with F3SwampRabbit.  We truly had an awesome time, filled with fellowship, laughter, and at times, boyish stupidity.

I also find myself missing what we had together for those 30 hours.  Being that I have spent a lot of time training for various marathon and triathlon events, I am a pro at long hours spent alone.  It is for this reason, that I can speak from experience when I say that that sucks!  When you spend the time that we spent together and you are forced to dig deep, at strange hours of the night, on dark and foggy roads, something happens.  You find that you know eleven other guys are waiting on you; counting on you.  That is very powerful.  For me, BRR gave Team a whole new meaning.

The longer I am associated with F3, the more I realize just what we have here.  At the risk of sounding really corny, I put myself out there to say that I Love You guys (in an F3, manly kind of way).  I have connected with many of you and I am grateful for that!

I hope that many more of you will consider doing this event next year.  It is so much more than a test of endurance; the run was secondary to something much bigger.  I now understand the 2nd F!

Thanks to Iceman and Padre for their sacrifice and time.  They truly helped get the team to the finish line.

Mosey on!


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