BRR Cruce

  • Workout Date - 07/17/2015
  • Q In Charge - 00
  • The PAX - Kotter, Blades, Amelia, Weedwacker, Uber, Dirty Myrtle, Montross, Semper, Domer Simpson, Floppy, No Strings Attached, Reflector, 00
  • AO -

13 Men Cruced beginning at Cleveland Park. Map of the course is here. YHC was considering multiple ideas but drove up in the 94 F-150, cinderblocks in the back to keep my options open. Finally decided driving up what we were to do.

Warm up – Come on, this is the Cruce.

Partner up and grab one cinderblock per team and go. Run to Washington. Hang a left. Start at the corner of Washington and Boyce. Partner 1 runs the half-mile loop pictured in the link. Run up E. Washington, right on Williams, right on Pettigru, right on Boyce. During this time, partner 2 does 5 manmakers (burpees with block), and then 5 stepback lunges each leg (with block), then 5 manmakers, then 5 stepback lunges each leg, then 5 manmakers . . . until partner 1’s return. Then flapjack and repeato. When partner 2 completes the lap, both partners run to the next corner of the rectangle (with block), where the process begins again. All the way around.

Kotter and Blades with the VT.

Moleskin – This was awesome. Elevation was good. I see a permutation of this containing burpee broad jumps.

Dirty Myrtle “accidentally” through his block and broke it. Appropriately chastised for his lack of etiquette.

Hootie chose not to come under the auspices of running a race the next day, but I’m pretty sure this would have been too hard for him.

There was consensus that regular attendance at the Cruce is much harder than childbirth. Drug-free pain my friends. Come get faster.

The Cruce should contain hills from now until the BRR.

Lots more traffic on Boyce at 0545 than there should have been. Pretty sure we were in the midst of several felonies.


Michelin 5k. Bring it. BeastSide is coming to punch everyone in the mouth.
Prayer for our marines and the families hurt by the events in Chattanooga.


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