And the Brown medal goes to….

  • Workout Date - 02/27/2018
  • Q In Charge - Mint Julep
  • The PAX - Short Barrel, B9, Wifi (Respect), Nippler (Respect), Fred, The Tickler, Hot 4 Teacher, NYOPT, Cocoon, Elmer, Barney, MJ, ATM (Just kidding)
  • AO - Golden Strip

12 Pax skipped the fartsack this nipply morning and decided to grab Tuesday by the junk and get invigorated.

Mission Statement – Nailed it

Disclaimer – Still an amateur…   I’m Peter LaFleur, owner and operator of Average F3’s gym and I’m here to tell you, you’re perfect the way you are. But if you feel like losing a few pounds, eating healthier and making a few friends in the process, then F3 is the place for you.



SSH x 25 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC



Mosey to back playground…be careful it’s dark and Short Barrel likes to slap butts in the dark.  Partner up for some DORA type action

P1 – Lap around playground sidewalk

P2 – 75 pullups/150 squats (butts and nuts to the bench seat)/300 knees to chest

Mosey back to the front, stick with partners.

P1 – AMRAP burpees

P2 – bear crawl length of 2 columns

Once P2 gets to column #2 they do burpees and P1 bear crawls to them.  Rinse and repeat half way down the bus lane.  Ends up being 5 rounds each


Stick with partner and head to the wall.

P1 – Plank hold

P2 – Muscle ups on the wall.  5 reps…switch…4 reps…switch…down to one


Still time so repeat the bear crawl/burpee thingy but change bear crawls to crab walks.  5 rounds each.


Circle up for Mary

Leg Raises x 20

Windshield wipers x 30

LBC’s x 20

Plank variations to finish up.  Great work by all.



Wifi’s P200 team needs a runner

P200 Badass Ruck Team needs 1 more as well.

Need lots of people to start stepping up to Q at GS, PF & TOT.



Cocoon’s  father in law has surgery this morning

B9 having shoulder checked out this week.  Hoping it’s not a gland problem…

ATM’s brother

Andrew Brunson


As usual it was a honor to lead this group of men, great effort and attitude by all.  SYITG

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