Bros and Hose

  • Workout Date - 03/26/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Electric City, Double Windsor, Wingnut, Scuba Steve, FNG Ben Davis (F3 Hilary), Training Wheels, Denied, Weed Whacker, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

9 PAX including 1 FNG- (WELCOME BEN DAVIS, aka F3 Hilary) decided to band together and fight the burn this morning w/ another Fire Hose workout. Saw some faces hadn’t seen in a while and it was a great reunion! Was an honor to lead such a eager group of PAX! This is how the story goes:

Conditions: 57 degrees, cloudy, and the air was thick!

The Warm Up:
10 Merkins IC
20 Mountain Climbers IC
20 Butt Kickers IC
20 High Knees IC

The Main Thang:
Unroll the hoses for a little Hosey- that is a mosey w/ the fire hoses above the head, to the right in one arm, and to the left in one arm- all the way to Falls Park. Set up hoses at bottom of stairs for rope work.

Split into two groups:
Group 1- Dora No Mora 50/200/300
1 PAX run Falls Bridge
50 Burpees
200 Squats
300 Flutters (single count)

Group 2- Pain Stations
30 Merkins
50 LBC
30 Single arm whips w/ hoses
30 Double arm whips w/ hoses, up and down or side to side
Group 2 keeps rotating stations until Group 1 has completed their Dora.

Group 1 and Group 2 Rotate and complete

Make our way w/ hoses back to Main Street- break into 2 teams again
Time for the MIGHTY DUCK
Fold the hoses into V Shape- one PAX is in the fold w/ hose around waist while the others are on either side of the V pulling against the 1 PAX who is running hard for a  20 count. Rotate clockwise until each man PAX has completed two pulls.

Back to Peace Center to meet Mary

4 MOM:
20 Russian Twist IC
20 Freddy Mercury’s IC


April 11th Mud Run- we need one more!

May..something. Jackalope is coming- read weekly email for details.

Prayers for Hilary’s wife…weird writing that…she is pregnant
Prayers for all injured F3 Brothers- healing and strength
Prayer for Walker and the CBC oil to take good effect, strenght for their family
Praise for Training Wheels daughter sleeping at night!

Once again Fellas- love every gloom I get to participate w/ you. What a great way to start a day, getting stronger physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Continue to EH those around  you and le them in on the F3 Secret…F3 COUNTS. Proud to be w/ each of you in the gloom. Have a blessed rest of the week.

Mab Mab

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