Bright lights, big city…

  • Workout Date - 07/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Epee, LIBOR, Mary, AFLAC, Electric City, Mr Winslow, FNG Joe Ensley (Twinkle Toes), The Grinch, Wingnut, Soul Plane, Goggles, Blanks, Wi-Fi, FNG Daniel Burrell (Green Line), Double Windsor, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

I’ve posted many times at the Main Thang but this would be my first Q in the big city. I worked at the Peace Center in the early 90s. A lot has changed since then. I didn’t have a real plan so let’s improv as we explore. 2 FNGs and some old friends would make the trip with me. Here’s a rough draft of how it went.

Warm up

SSH, MC, IW all x 25 IC

Mosey down Broad to Japanese Dogwood, pass the amphitheater (we’ll be back) over to the Wyche Pavilion (former home of Duke’s Mayo/Sandwiches) for some circles of pain.

Ring of Fire- circle up and hold plank while one man does 10 ‘Mericans, then the next, and next, and so on. Plankorama with arms and legs while we wait.

Ring of Fire- Circle up on your 6. Hold 6 inches while one man does 20 SC Flutters. It burns, burns, burns…that Ring of Fire!!! No breeze inside the Pavilion. Let’s move.

Mosey to parking deck. I hear mumblechatter about it not raining. Ha! We’re just here to run the steps. Up 5 flights, circle the lot, and back down.

Mosey back to amphitheater. Dips x 20 IC, Derkins x 15 IC. We passed a nice wall earlier. Let’s go back there. Mosey.

Wall of Fire- Hold People’s Chair while one man does 10 ‘Mericans and down the line. Arm circles and air presses to mask the pain in our legs.

Mary in the middle. LBC, reverse LBC, Rosalitas, Dollies all x 20 IC.

Mosey up to River St., cross the Reedy, left on SRT, left on bridge, back to Peace Center, to the BIG steps. Let’s introduce the new guys to Joe Hendricks. Backwards bear crawl up three sets of stairs. Plank at the top. My Q, my rules. Look! An airplane! PowderKeg rules apply. 10 Burpee salute. Lots of mumblechatter here.

Mosey back to start. The early group is still there. Let’s keep going. Over to the hotel, down the stairs, through the courtyard, up the other side, back down big steps, and up the other side. Back to start.


Pretzel crunches left and right, Boxcutters forward and reverse, LHC(love handle crunches) left and right, and finally Hip Dips. All in Cadence. I forgot the counts because I was toast.

Always a pleasure to share the GLOOM with my F3 brothers!

Michelin 5k Aug 15 $8. The running AOs have challenged each other.

Prayers for Epee and family. He lost his grandfather this morning to pancreatic cancer. Satisfy and M due soon. Grinch had an unspoken, a friend with tests, a loss of a family member. Prayers for the homeless that we saw sleeping in the Pavilion and on the steps. Thank God everyday for the blessings we take for granted.

Brown Shorts

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