Bricks=Mini Coupons

  • Workout Date - 01/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii
  • The PAX - Tyler Mulligan FNG (Ferrigno), Mike Piotrowski FNG (Bloom) Alfred, Grr, Cockroach, Stitch, Bib, Wig, Itunes, Wally
  • AO -

11 Pax including 2 FNG’s denied the #fartsack for a mini coupons smokefest! YHC has been wanting to make use of the truck load of bricks left on the side of the house so why not bring them to The Station for coupons a plenty! This is how it went down…

Warm Up:

SSH x 30

IW x 20

Slow Merkins IC x 10

The Main Thang

Grab two coupons and line up for an Indian run off Campus to MUMC. Wait, cars are coming we must pull over for some Burpee presses x 10 with our coupons. Let’s mosey to the church…YHC decided to introduce the FNG’s to Joe….Joe who? you say, Joe Hendricks that is! Up the stairs when reaching the top knock out 20 merkins run back down and plank up! Right arm high…Wave to the traffic. Okay, let’s mosey

We moseyed to the MUMC parking lot to find a perfect circular curb! Circle of Merkins, ring around the curb, shoulders burning…whatever you want to call these they sucked! YHC would say go and the pax in a merkin position would rotate around the curb. Reverse Reverse everybody clap – JK, don’t do that but we can stop and knock out 10 IC Merkins! 3 Rounds of this and the pax, as well as YHC, were smoked.

Indian run from MUMC back to burpee Island for a little card game! Diamonds=Diamond Merkins, hearts=LBC’s, Clubs= Coupon fly’s (butt out) and Spades= pull ups. After every 5 cards run around the pond! Holy freaking #mummblechatter. Get through the deck then mosey to the Amphitheater for some 11’s. High knees at the bottom and coupon squat press at the top.


10x Peter Parkers
30x Big boy sit ups
2 minute elbow plank=Core smoked

Announcements and Prayers

-Drifter 6K Feb 6th
-Convergence at Legacy Jan 31st
-Mud Run in April

-T Claps to our own Grr for his recent award of Greer’s Volunteer of the Year!
-Pray for Ferigno’s Mom and her fight with Diabetes
-Pray for all of those who couldn’t make it
-Praise The Station is growing!

Men, as I told you in the Cot I am truly blessed to be apart of such an incredible group of men! Remember, the physical benefits are amazing but the true meaning of F3 goes much deeper than that. We don’t post for ourselves, we post for our brothers to encourage, lift up, pray for, and hold accountable. Through F3 I have identified some things in my life I wanted to change but also figure out something I could do to give back . Whether its getting involved with young people, reading to school groups, helping out at the soup kitchen or whatever it may be you will bless someone else’s life by these acts and from experience, you will reap blessings from this as well!

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