• Workout Date - 03/31/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

20 men came out of the woodwork for this beautiful first day of spring morning. #fairweathertankyard.


Merkins x15



Mosey to the #paincage for 5 Burpees OYO  followed by 10-11ish hipslappers(fartknockers) #lostcount #tooexcited

Mosey to the back of Semper’s truck to pick up this mornings toys. Each PAX grabbed two bricks each and kept them and performed every exercise and run with them.  5 Burpees for standing around.  Partner up for..

DORA 1,2,3

Partner runs the the speed bump with bricks in hand and performs one brick burpee while other partner completes:

100 squatting brick butterflies

200 double count brick curls

300 single count brick presses

plank when finished turned into brick merkins(merkin folowed by brick lift each arm?) #needaname

Mosey to Picnic Shelter for Brick Arm Circles x20

Mosey to play ground and count off in 3’s

1’s Pull ups x10

2’s swerkinsx10

3’s brick arm circles x10

switch and repeat twice.

mosey to basketball court on the baseline. Lunge to far end with bricks, sprint back to half court, brick merkins x5 lunge back. Reapto with brick frog thingies(#needaname) x10

annnnd… #smoked

5 Brick Burpess


Fluters x25

Brick Frog Thingies x20

Snow Angels x10

Russian twist with one brick x50


Burpees x16  for Earp’s birthday……#dead#christianponder



F3 Spartanburg: emails, emails, emails

Shannon’s son in the hospital

Praise for Scuba Steve’s dad

Iceman’s father

Spicolli, Golden Sombrero

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