Bricks. Beefcakes. 'Burbs.

  • Workout Date - 02/04/2016
  • Q In Charge - Slap Chop
  • The PAX - Stu Smalley, The Hard Hat, Billy Ray, Cast Away, Pumpkin Spice, The Big Short, Zip It, Slap Chop
  • AO -

Eight slabs of 100% all American brisket arrived at the Burbs this morning to get swole for summer. Let’s hit it.

Warm Up

Baby arm circles for a while, then some big arm circles. Warm up the shoulders fellas, you’re going to need them.

Imperial walkers x 20

Slowcount merkins x 10

Lunge, hold and twist x 30 seconds each leg

Lap around the church casual style

Time to Pump

Our warmup lap ended at the bottom of the infamous ‘Burbs staircase. #crowdpleaser as a few PAX took the opportunity to express their pure, unfiltered hatred for young Joey Hendricks. No matter, onward we go. Joe Hendricks up the left side while the rest of the PAX run up and down the stairs on the other side. 1 Joe each and about 50 trips up and down the stairs.

Move to the terraced wall for some circuit work. 5 wall jumps, 10 derkins, 15 dips & 20 LBCs with legs up on the wall. Three rounds and add five each round, finishing with 15 jumps, 20 derkins, 25 dips and 30 LBCs.

Mosey up to the brick pile, grab 2 bricks each and then to the landing pad to get our beef on.

Shoulder raises, also known as NFL Shoulders. Basically we did this in cadence and looked like this dude:

30 lunges holding the bricks

3-way curls in cadence, 7 each

25 squats with the bricks. Zip It added in some sort of crazy arm swing to level up his difficulty setting, psyching himself up for a big surgery this AM.

20 more squats with brick curl and overhead presses

15 merkins with a row per arm in between each

30 shoulder raises in cadence #crowdpleaser#2

Throughout the brickercise, The Hard Hat kept smashing his bricks together to serve as his #mumblechatter. Though repeatedly warned that he was going to break them, The HH continued banging them together with a goofy grin on his face until he shattered them as predicted. Needless to say, the merkin rows were more difficult after that (though he still managed to finish before the rest of us). 

Back to the circle for some quick Mary. Boxcutters and LBC 2.0s.


The usual Drifter and Debate Convergence announcements. Hard Hat inquired if anyone knew the GOP candidates personally and could invite them. Surprisingly no one seemed to have a close personal relationship with Trump so that dream may die.

Prayers for Hard Hat’s brother as he makes some big decisions while overseas.

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