Brick Run Through Greer

  • Workout Date - 11/12/2015
  • Q In Charge - Perry Mason
  • The PAX - Erector, Spring Break, Biofreeze, Play-Doh, Slick Willy, Corral (FNG f/k/a Joey Basso), Cockroach, Perry Mason
  • AO -

8 PAX enjoyed near perfect conditions this morning, including 1 FNG, Joey Basso, now known as Corral.  Welcome to F3.  My streak of Qs without an FNG is now broken.

There has not been much running in my last couple of Q’s, so YHC thought it was time to stretch our legs a bit and see if the PAX would enjoy a preview of Sherpa’s brick run for Nepal this Saturday.


SSH x 30

IW x 20

The Thang

YHC led the PAX on a mosey towards MUMC to pick up our bricks, with one stop along the way for 10 burpees and then 25 LBCs once we reached the church.  Once we had our bricks (2 per man), we set off towards downtown.  There was a good bit of nervous mumblechatter about not going too far as we got to Trade Street.  Here we stopped to regroup and do 25 air presses with our bricks before continuing down Trade.  We stopped again on the other side of the train tracks for 25 air presses, and the PAX began to sense where we were heading.  One more stop at Cannon Street for 25 more air presses and then on to our destination – Veterans Park.  I thought it appropriate to come by here this week at least once, plus it is the site of Tank Street, everyone’s favorite hill in Greer.

YHC originally planned to do 11s with our bricks, but time was going to be an issue, so we did 7s up Tank Street, burpees at the bottom, jump squats at the top.  Good work by Spring Break in finishing first.  He looks ready for the Hope Relay.

Once everyone is finished, it is time to head back to the Station.  We head straight up 101, since there is not time for the scenic route.  We stop 3 times again along the way for 25 air presses before we make it back.  We covered 2.51 miles with the bricks and did 150 air presses (plus the 21 burpees and jump squats from the 7s) along the way.


We had 3 minutes left for Mary, so we circled up for plank compass.  YHC would call out the direction, and the PAX turn 90 degrees and do the exercise called out.  There were plank jacks, shoulder touches, merkins, and Makhtar N’Diayes before time was up.


Prayers for the Blackburn family over the tragic loss of Amanda Blackburn in Indianapolis in a home invasion.  Prayers for iTunes’ father in his recovery from surgery and for all the PAX dealing with difficult situations at work.  Prayers for all the PAX who were not there this morning and for everyone racing this weekend.

Great work by Corral and all the PAX this morning. I’ll be thinking of ways that we can take it up a notch next time.  It was a pleasure.

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