Brick Carry for Nepal

  • Workout Date - 10/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sherpa
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It was a pleasure to join the brothers at Golden Strip for a morning wakeup routine fit for fools 🙂

We decided to honor our brothers in Nepal, and think about those on the other side of the world.

  • Run around the Rosie – heels to butt, high knees, side shuffles, etc. for several minutes to get the blood flowing (this was invented in Nepal)
  • SSH x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 30
  • Perfect Santiago Squats
  • Merkins
Mosey to YHC’s car and pick up 2 bricks each. 2 line Indian run in honor of last year’s Cinder Block Death March, where I heard one guy never returned because he “killed his spirit”. Hmmm. Maybe small bricks are more reasonable…
New routine, in honor of Holla finishing his first marathon. The scoop:
  • 26 mountain climbers (triple count), then 4 brick curls, 26/8, 26/12, audible, since I’m doing a 50k in 2 weeks upped it to 31 mountain climbers double count, so on up to 31 curls and added overhead presses for good measure
PAX starting to get quiet in the gloom.
Found the closest thing to a mountain in Simpsonville. 11’s, with Brick Squats at the bottom, and Merkins at the top. I think at least one guy may have sprayed merlo.
Mosey back to parking lot. Round of core:
  • Nepali Twists – Russians twists with a brick in each hand
  • Overhead presses with bricks
  • Perfect squats
  • some other stuff with bricks
Announcements and prayer: 
We ran with bricks today to warm up for the Brick Run. Where YHC lives in Nepal, there are 14,000 kids 14 and under slaving away in brick factories, not in school, with no future unless something changes. It would break your heart if you could see it, and my wife and I doing everything in our power to bring hope to these dear children and friends of ours. We can’t do it alone. We need your help.
F3 brothers you are a big reason why I’m doing this. We’ve started F3 in Kathmandu, and it’s making an impact in men.
We’re doing a Brick Run on Nov. 14th at Paris Mountain at 10:00am to celebrate and raise funds before we return. Please come if you can, you don’t have to run, and you don’t have to carry a brick, just come out and learn more about how you can be involved to make a real difference. Bring your family.
Event Details and Registration:

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