Breakin' in the Bondo bars

  • Workout Date - 08/21/2016
  • Q In Charge - Inspector Gadget
  • The PAX - Bondo, Caviar, Reacher, Protractor, Noonan, The Hardhat, ACA, Inspector Gadget
  • AO -

Thanks to the hard work of Reacher and The Hardhat, the final touches were put on the Gideon House Bondo Bars the day before. Obviously YHC was going to put them prominently into the workout. Doing so nearly became a ‘don’t do it if you can’t Q it’ moment but we all completed it.

Kudos to ACA for showing and posting thru the Warm-up, despite having broken his toe the night before. He is working on a more beastly excuse for how it happened. #whiteliestoboostmasculinityintheeyesofyourpeers #wealldoit


SSH x 25

IW x 20

Little Arm Circles Forward/Backward x 10 each

Big Arm Circles Forward/Backward x 10 each

Squat x 20

Merkins x 15

Mountain Climbers x 20

LBC x 20



1 Squat  to 10 Pull-ups, Chin ups and assisted pull-ups were acceptable substitutes.

Mosey to Bika’s

People’s Chair

Mosey to grassy lot across from Bika’s

Modified Dora

100 Merkins

200 Side squats

300 Freddie Mercury’s


Mosey back to Gideon’s House


Dolly x 20

Rosalita x 20

Heels to Heaven x 20

Flutter x 20

Plank Jacks x 15

1 minute plank


Announcements and Prayer Requests:

Bondo is need of a place to rent. If you know of a place or have a contact that might help in any way, please contact him or IG. 

Details coming soon on fundraising Marathon-type event to support a friend of The Hardhat that is battling Cancer.

Safe travels for Castaway as he flies to Seattle this week.

Several others are dealing with Cancer or within their families. Spicoli, Golden Sombero (Mom), Longbottom (Dad, Sister), Quickie (Sister), Teabag (Sister).

BOM prayer by YHC




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