Breakfast of Champions

  • Workout Date - 06/09/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

25 men gathered to suck in some gloom……a lot of gloom. So we planted the SF, pulled up a chair and started eating…. er….. inhaling….. er…..


The Thang

SSH x25
Merkins x15
LBC’S x15
IW x15

Mosey to the street, split into 2 groups for
Indian run
Double Applesauce with lunges

Mosey to Oobe stairs
11’s with merkins at top and burpees at the bottom
Half the PAX used the stairs to the parking deck (behind High Cotton), the other half at Oobe
Audible – stopped a bit past halfway #smoked

Mosey to the Bowater parking deck
Sprint up incline
5 burpees at first level
Karaoke on flat side of garage
Sprint up next incline
10 burpees at next level
Sprint up final incline
5 burpees

Duck duck goose
Split into 2 groups, one person runs around the circle while others perform various exercises until everyone has run around the circle.

Mosey back to PC

Flutters x20
Rosalitas x15
Bicycles x15
Jack Webb to 6


Naked Moleskin
– Burpees for breakfast…#yum
– Lot’s of #mumblechatter today…when the PAX wasn’t sucking #gloom
– #BS call when Mr. Webb made an appearance during Mary
– Tclaps to @Earp – great work by the #youngster

– For those posting at #Legacy this Saturday, bring a kettlebell or dumbbell
– If you haven’t noticed, we’re expanding at a good (healthy) rate. This means we need more guys to step up and Q. Some will be ready to Q after just a few weeks. As a measuring stick, if you’ve been posting for 2 months, you’re ready to Q. Let @OneDirection or @Iceman know what date you’d like to Q.
– Where have all the FNG’s gone? Keep EH’ing guys #NeverEndingProcess



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