Box Jump Bleacherama

  • Workout Date - 11/06/2015
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - Cocoon, SoccerMom, ATM, 3rdBase, LookOutBelow, Squid
  • AO -

8 PAX won the fartsack battle and came to TOT ready for work.  Since Macho took us back to the bleachers for a mucho dippo at the baseball field, I had a Q in mind and went ahead and exercised that demon.   Enough with the chat chit.

Warm up:

Windmills x 21IC    Met with grunts from ruckers


SSH x 21IC   Couldn’t hear the count because of the train, but we managed.

Enough with the warm up, too much to do.

Indian run to Field of Dreams, post haste.


Box Jump up the 9 levels of bleachers, perform 5 merkins @ each level.

Bear crawl back down the stairs, which I overheard someone say “Thumper’s crazy”.   That is my new litmus test as to if a Q is going well.

2 Min step ups on 1st level.  Harder than it looked on paper.   Mumble chatter about Bambi’s skewed sense of time.

Box Jump up the 9 levels of bleachers, perform 10 single count dying cockroaches at each level.

Bear crawl back down the stairs.

Modify!  1 min step ups on 1st level.

Box Jump up the 9 levels of the bleachers, perform 2 x Burpees per level.

Bear crawl back down the stairs.

Mosey back for Mary:

En route – DOG!   LOUD NOISES!   (luckily behind a fence)

Open mic:

LOB: Flutters 30xIC


SoccerMom: ObliqueVUpsx15IC/side

Announcements:  HopeRelay (details in the MidWeek update), Christmas party 12/12, more details forthcoming.

Prayer/praise:   Chris Booth continues to improve, LOBs daughter did great on admissions testing @ Blythe, Let’s keep Hulk’s brother, Lilly’s family, and Church Lady in our prayers – nice to have seen him on out Tues, holter monitor and all.

Observations:  Squid put forth a massive amount of work for his 2nd time out.  TClaps.  Come back, don’t stop coming back, and then come back for more.   All men worked their arses off.   Ruckers is still crazy.

Always a pleasure,





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