Bountiful Beastmode (ISI)

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  • Workout Date - 12/01/2015
  • Q In Charge - No Strings Attached
  • The PAX - Perry Mason, Goose,The Blue Hawaii, NSA, Tomahawk, Amelia, Grrr (the new Hardhat), Double Aught, 1st Date, Hoffa, Clippers, Kipper, FNG Shaky Head, No Bars, Cockroach, Dumbledore, iTunes
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YHC got a wild hair while on Thanksgiving vacation; with fleeting ambition fueled by several beers he signed up to Q the first Tuesday back at The Station. YHC trudged up to The VSF in the gloom without a plan and feeling slow and weak. He thought “I don’t need a plan. We’ll just do something easy today. I’m out of shape.” As he approached the group already forming at 5:25 he noticed familiar faces: Tomahawk and Amelia. They looked fired up. 5:30 approached and YHC was slightly worried as a few stragglers joined the circle: 00, No Bars and 1st Date. “I guess the whole ‘easy’ thing isn’t going to fly” Thankfully, a plan fell in place as YHC went with a few old faithfuls and reached a bit past his comfort zone.


  • 20 SSH, IC
  • 20 mountain climbers, IC
  • 20 imperial walkers, IC
  • 20 merkins, IC

Mosey to the entrance to City Park and partner up for Dora:

100 derkins, 200 DC flutters, 300 box jumps

One partner performs reps while the other runs down Cannon St. to the bottom of the hill, performs 5 burpees, then back to the entrance of City Park.

Mosey to the first light pole at the big field for NSA catch me if you can.

One partner planks while the other partner lunges to the next light pole, planks and waits for the first partner to plank to him. Move all the way across the field and plank up waiting for the 6.

Move back across the field in the same manner except one partner holds 6″ while the other burpee-broad-jumps.


  • 20 heels to heaven, IC
  • 20 Erectors, IC
  • 20 American Hammers, IC
  • 20 Seal Jacks, IC (crowd pleaser)
  • 20 big boys, OYO
  • 3 terrible crunch heal grab things


  • When YHC walked up to the VSF, Amelia gave him the pound with this look in his eyes like “Alright NSA, I’m here, what you got for us today? Better not be easy” YHC was thankful for the implicit nudge in the right direction.
  • Beastmode is bountiful at The Station. #ISI
  • T-claps to Grrr who obviously stayed in shape over Thanksgiving. He is strong and not slow.
  • T-claps to The Blue Hawaii who was back to his old self. This guy fires YHC up and reminds him why we do this.


  • Prayers for Walker as his seizures have worsened.
  • Prayers for 1st Date’s sister as she goes through treatment.
  • Prayers for YHC’s uncle as he was just diagnosed with cancer.
  • Prayers for Shaky Head’s friend also just diagnosed with cancer.
  • Tomahawk reminded everyone of the reason for the season. This is very important. T-claps for reminding us of the importance of teaching this to our children.
  • YHC walked in the Gloom feeling downtrodden, but he left in high spirits ready to take on the day. The Station bros have once again reminded him of how thankful he is for this crazy cult called F3.

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