Boulder Shoulders

  • Workout Date - 01/29/2015
  • Q In Charge - Semper
  • The PAX - Flay, Squeal, Scuba Steve, Rusty, Clapper, Sanchez, Drama Queen( visitor from Winston-Salem)
  • AO -

8 PAX including YHC showed up at the Tank Yard on a chilly morning. We had a special guest, Drama Queen from Winston-Salem. As Sanchez arrived he informed YHC that I was simply not allowed to do any Russian Twists or any workouts while sitting on the asphalt. Flay showed up and told YHC that I looked like Tron and then said he was going home if we did Dora.





Merkin IC x 10


PAX mosey to the holler, ” we better not be going to the holler.” – Flay

Split into 2 groups, Group 1: balls to the walls for hipslappers x10, Group 2 on the other wall for Derkins x20, no make that 30. Flap jack and Reapto 4 times

PAX are instructed to grab two good looking rocks and circle up. Shoulder Presses IC x20,

Back on the walls for one more set of Hipslappers and Derkins.

Partner up for…..Dora 1,2!…….YHC could feel the hate coming from the PAX. Dead silence. No worries, only have to sprint to the top of small hill and crab walk down.  Partner does the excercise:

100 Rock Shoulder Presses

200 Wall jumps. wall step ups

on your sixes on the nice soft ground to comply with Sanchez’s wish. 50 Rock Russian Twists OYO, 20 Rock froggers IC, 10 Rock push up( pushup with hands on rock, lifting up left hand with rock then right hand)

Circle up for LBAC with rocks… IC x20 #smoked #sucked

We might have done one more set of Hipslappers and Derkins, my memory is fading….

Put your rocks up then mosey to playground…Group 1 on swing set for 10 Swerkins, Group 2,  20 Dips. Flapjack and Repeato x2.  Head to the bball courts for …


Circle up and one Person yells an excercise while the PAX perform said excercise while the person who called it out runs around both courts. Excercises where:

Flutters, Rosilitas, Snow Angles( Scuba Steve will get his)  Dead Cockroaches, Left Oblique Crunches, Right Oblique crunches, Back Scratchers, and elbow plank(Scuba Steve had to do Snow Angels). Elbow Plank for 1 min, regular plank 1 minute.


Prayers for:

Flay and his wife

Squeal and his adoption court process

Clapper and his daugther

2 Year Anniversary  Convergence THIS SATURDAY! 

Drifter 6k Is still open, contrary to what Flay said, So Sign up while you can!

We need Q’s for Tank Yard during the week and on Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Boulder Shoulders”

  1. Good’n Semper…although I think you may have been the only one who successfully completed the arm circles. Maybe due to your theft of my little pebbles.

    I’m signing up to Q Tuesday simply to keep us away from that terrible Holler.

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome. Very strong Q Semper. I tweeted earlier – loved swerkins but rocks not so much. You guys are also in need of more slow old guys. I learned some new exercises I will Marco Polo back to the Dash. Need to find an AO with swings. Come visit us anytime.

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