&*$&*&$*& Booty Maker

  • Workout Date - 10/24/2018
  • Q In Charge - ??Mystery??
  • The PAX - Lt. Dangle, Hot For Teacher, Take 5, Turban, Coxin (Double Respect...War Daddy), Cockpit
  • AO - Tower of Terror

TOT was greeted with a mystery Q on #MWGA. If you have to ask who Q’d then you were not there! PAX got after it and the workout was promptly name *&$^%*&#$ Booty Making Workout. Legs and nothing “butt” legs!

MISSION STATEMENT: Somebody nailed it!

DISCLAIMER: Modify as needed, or not.

Warm Up .

37 SSH

37 IW

The Thang

Deck of Death:

Clubs=Squats, Spades= Monkey Humpers, Hearts=Lunges, Diamonds=Calf Raises…That’s 104 if your counting!

Jail break to the Ice Cream station every fifth card.

Jokers= Mucho Chesto


If you were present you would remember…but since y’aint (yall and aint combined) you don’t know! Bam!


Spartan Race

TOT needs Q’s….STEP UP!

Praise and Prayer Requests

HFT and recent family scans.

Turbans MRI and potential Hammy injury during jail breaks.

All those prayers spoken and unspoken!

TOT t-shirt close to final draft!

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