Boom Goes the Dynamite

  • Workout Date - 10/07/2022
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Mani Pedi, Wax On, Spackler, Soda (WD), Thunderbird, Hacksaw, Farm Raised, Iceman, Jaeger Bomb, Honkers, PETA, JK2, Double Windsor, Inspector Gadget, FNG Uriah - Farva, Generic
  • AO -

16 Men (including 1 FNG) posted in TR at the #DogPound.

@Spackler asked me a while back to come out and Q. It’s a bit of drive from Case de Ice so I told him I’d do it during the summer. Fast forward to this morning and cars kept rolling in to the #DogPound. I realized what I had planned wasn’t going to work with a larger group so made some quick changes and we got going……

The Thang:
SSH x20
Crunches x20
Hammers x20
Eleven Merkins (slow and controlled)
Eleven Squat jumps
Crunches x20
Hammers x20
A quick word about Cheech and his accident

Mosey to the parking lot of the TR Family Medicine (corner of S Main and McElhaney).
Split into 2 groups, on either side of the parking lot
Both will burpee broad jump out 2 parking spaces, run back to the start, BBJ out 4 spaces, then 6 spaces. Once done we mosey to the SRT where group 1 will do Jack Webb (w/ derkins) while group 2 mosey’s across the street to Tandem where they assume peoples chair and one by one bear crawl to the end of the line. Once done, switch places with group 1. Each group would work through each station 3 times.

Mosey back to the DP parking lot and partner up.
P1 assumes the sit up position and P2 planks on P1’s feet. Both partners perform 20 situps, 2 times.

Next we did a mini Dora
50 hand release merkins
100 squat jumps #crowdpleaser
150 freddy mercuries (dbl count thanks to Inspector Gadget)

Ring of fire
Pax circle up in plank position. One person runs around the outside of the circle while everyone else holds plank. Once done running, assume 6″ #crowdpleaserNo2


Naked Moleskin:
– Shared the tragic news about @Creech. We know he has left a lasting impression on Lexington and F3 and will be a constant reminder to us that none of us are promised tomorrow
– Great work by FNG Uriah – nka Farva
– Great chemistry and brotherhood in TR. Good things are happening so keep #EH’ing

– Gideon’s house workout moving to Mondays at 0530
– July 4th Convergence Downtown – 0700 at Main Thang (Peace Center)

– @Cheech’s family and F3 Family
– @Rocky in Greenwood battling cancer
– @JK2’s friend in NC with marital problems

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