• Workout Date - 12/09/2022
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Earthmover, Joe Dirt, Wilson, Double Check, Radar, Toe Jam, Stuart Smalley, Slap Chop, Flay, Blue Hawaii, Obama, Iceman
  • AO -

9, no 10, nope 11, actually 12 posted at #TheBurbs for #GetMovinMonday. Guys kept coming in after the warmup had begun. #betterlatethannever

IW x20
Parker Peter x20
Oblique LBC’s x20
Slow ct Merkins x10

Mosey down the hill to the road behind the Church #noitsnotperfectlylevelBlue

Dan Taylor x7 (1:4 squats : lunges) (replaced squats with jump squats)
Once done, joe hendricks up the steps, then run to the top of the hill and back down – 6″ waiting on the six

Mosey a little further down the hill to the wall
Jack Webb x7 (1:4 merkins : air presses) (replaced merkins with Derkins) #crowdpleaser
Once done, backwards run up the hill and then forward down, chilcutt until six is back. Then mahktar ndjiaye x10 #crowdpleaser no. 2

Freddy Krueger x5 (1:4 big boy sit ups : freddy mercury’s)
Once done, joe hendricks up the steps, then run to the top of the hill and back down – 6″ waiting on the six

Smurpees x5 (4:1 smurfjacks : burpees). #Obama went #refusenik and just did burpees

Lap around the church (counterclockwise) stopping at the rails.
Partner up
P1 15 supine pullups
P2 6″ til P1 is done
flapjack and repeato for a total of 3 rounds
Rosalita’s waiting on everyone to finish up

Lunge walk to the covered area then mosey back to the circle

Diamond Merkins x10
Larry Craigs x10
Slow ct LBC’s x10
Merkins x20 oyo
Chilcutt x60secs


Naked Moleskin:
– Always good to have visitors at #TheBurbs. This morning is was a #Tankyardigan – @Flay
– Speaking of @Flay, he reminded us to never skip #legday or you’ll end up like @Snowden
– Motion on the floor to rename @BHO to @Gargamel since he has something against Smurfs. He went #refusenik on Smurpees and just did burpees. Lesson learned from @BHO – If you’re gonna modify, go hard.
– Lot’s of #mumblechatter from @Flay and @Earthmover on Carolina hiring Boom Muschamp
– Speaking of #mumblechatter, @Flay picked up on the lack of said #mumblechatter.

– Lilly Muller in remission. #Miracle #GottaBelieve
– @BlueHawaii with upcoming career choices/decisions
– Men of Gideon’s House. Get out and support these guys

– Holiday party is 12/12. RSVP and make sure to vote on the F3 Swamp Rabbit awards (even if you can’t make the party)
– Q School – 12/15 and 12/17
– Join us for the Christmas Eve morning run (5k). Launches from Tommy’s Ham house. Bring canned goods for the Triune Mercy pantry. Be on the lookout for more details.

See ya in the gloom….


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