Bonus Burpees for everyone!

  • Workout Date - 04/18/2017
  • Q In Charge - Urkel
  • The PAX - Gambit, Michael Bolton, Whippoorwill, Cropduster, Paladin, Handy Manny, Scissorhands, Big Easy (respect), Ray, Coach K, Ballcock, Madoff, Soulfinger, Bluegrass, Floride, Joker, Urkel QIC
  • AO -

Last week it was my goal to visit 6 different AO’s in 6 days.  While visiting Hurricane Alley last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to do a workout Q’ed by Keystone on the day following his birthday.  It was a Jacob’s Ladder that was bent, meaning that the exercises on each end were uneven and modified to meet the lack of hills at this particular AO.  Noting that our beloved Lowcountry is also lacking in hills, I decided to bring this one to my next Q 6 days later.  Since I am a math teacher and therefore have no issues brutalizing the English language, I dubbed this the Jacob’s Flatter.  So here it is.


Warm-up (all IC)

  • SSH x 25
  • TTT x 16
  • Windmills x 20
  • Arm circles – forward x 15 backward x 15
  • Imperial Walkers x 20

Mosey to the far side of the parking lot

The Thang

We begin at the cones that had been placed near the entrance to the high school.

Do one merkin and run to the cones at the opposite end to do 10 LBCs return to start

Do 2 merkins and run to the cones at the opposite end to do 20 LBCs return to start

Continue to 10 merkins and 100 LBCs and then count down again.

Oh yeah, one more thing, everytime you pass a light pole, do a burpee

We got going right away and were unable to complete the whole set.  I attribute this to the fact that due to my lack of sufficient cones, our course was a good but longer than the one last week.  Also, the far side of the parking lot evidently has an extra light pole, so Tclaps to those guys.

Continue to 5:56:30 then mosey back to the pad

6qMOM (6 quarter Minutes of Mary)

Flutters until time

Count O Rama

17 PAX

Bonus Burpees

In an effort to boost our numbers this morning, in addition to retro promotional graphics, I made a pledge on Facebook that if we had more than 10 PAX I would do 20 bonus burpees, more that 20 would result in 35 bonus burpees, and more than 30 would mean 50 bonus burpees.  While I was admittedly vague on the specifics, I got the agreement of Gambit, Coach K, and Joker to join me. We did break 10 PAX so we did 20 bonus burpees, OYO.  All were invited, but not mandated to join and all chose to do so.

Name O Rama


  • We are nearing the one-year anniversary of the Buck.  Our AO Q Michael Bolton is working on something special to do in commemoration of this event.
  • We are leading the regions in sign ups for the Mud run on 5/20.  If you want to join in get on that
  • New AO starting on the island in May, look for a big kick off around Memorial Day

Prayer Requests

  • Madoff’s dad has been in the ICU for two weeks, prayers for him
  • Joker has been working with a couple who are very much in need of prayer
  • Michael Bolton has several friends that need to be lifted up to the Lord
  • Prayers for the family of Cullen who was killed by a drunk driver last week


  • I loved this workout, but maybe it would be better on the football field.  Being spread out like we were hurt the 2nd F a bit.
  • I was very pleased to see a big group of guys out at the Buck again.  This is the most I have ever had for my Q
  • Several guys are going to be doing a VQ in the next weeks, make sure to join and encourage them.
  • We have something special in this group and it is meant to be shared.  Keep EHing those Sad Clowns.  I was once told that if I could stick it out for 6 weeks, it could change my life.  These words were so true.  I have lost 20 pounds, but gained in more ways than I can measure.

Urkel Out!

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