BOMBS Away at The Station

  • Workout Date - 05/02/2017
  • Q In Charge - Perry Mason
  • The PAX - Bob Barker, Kilowatt, Spandex, Kindergarten Cop, Jinxy, Wally, Slick Willy, Cockroach, Mr. Head, Almond Joy, Grrr, Iceman, Footloose, SA, No Bars, Alfred, Perry Mason
  • AO -

16 men joined me in perfect conditions at the Station. Footloose made his triumphant return to the gloom. Sadly, the rumors of a Snowden appearance appeared to be based on bad intel. The Greer PD is probably grateful, as the noise from the combined #mumblechatter from Snowden and Footloose would have woken the dead, or at least the neighbors.


SSH x 25 (added a few to let Slick Willy get to the circle and join in)

Arm circles to loosen up the shoulders

25 Butt kickers OYO

25 High knees OYO

The Workout

Line up double applesauce for an Indian Run from the circle onto Cannon and then on to Arlington. We have to modify to a mosey when the traffic picks up as we make our way to the church to gather our coupons.

The PAX start heading towards the church parking lot with their blocks, but YHC throws them a curveball. We are heading over to the McKleskey Todd parking lot for something new.

The PAX partner up for a BOMBS workout. One partner runs with their block down to the sign at the other end of the parking lot and back while the other partner does an exercise, then flapjack. The exercises were B (Bicep curls) O (Overhead press) M (Merkins) B (Bench press) S (Squat). Grr thought this was my worst idea ever, which is not fair. First, I have had much worse ideas. Second, its not really my idea, as we did something similar at The Bridge last time I was in Charleston.

The PAX planked while we waited for everyone to finish, and I had them try to balance a bit differently than normal (right arm out, left leg out), which was sneaky hard. Time to put the blocks up, and I kindly show the PAX the shortcut behind the church.

Time to mosey to the amphitheater for 7s. YHC felt we neglected legs to this point, so we do box jumps at the bottom and lunges (double count) at the top of the bowl. Flutter kicks while we wait for the six.

It is getting close to Mary time, so we start to mosey back to the circle, but I keep going to the bottom of the hill and have the pax bear crawl back up to the circle. #crowdpleaser.


Corkscrews 15 each side OYO

Rosalita x 20

Heels to Heaven x 20

Plank for last minute or so

Naked Moleskin

Praise for Ricky Bobby and the work he is doing in the community with Project Hope, as well as prayers for health for his 2.0.

YHC also asked for leads anyone might have for silent auction donations for Synnex’s Share the Magic( It is an amazing event that last year raised over $1 million for four local charities. I sit on the board of one of the beneficiaries, A Child’s Haven, which helps children with developmental delays due to abuse and neglect. The charities are tasked with coming up with auction items. I would appreciate any items (gift cards, services, sports memorabilia, etc.) that anyone might be able to offer or provide a lead on with a value of $100 or more. We are also looking for sponsorships for the main gala or for the smaller events (golf tournaments, comedy night, etc) that lead up to the main event. If someone is interested in supporting the cause in that way or even just attending one of the events feel free to contact me and I can get you additional information on the schedule and how to designate A Child’s Haven for any donations or purchases associated with the event.

Good work from the PAX today.

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