Boiled Nuts & Hot Lettuce

  • Workout Date - 12/11/2023
  • Q In Charge - Houdini
  • The PAX - Firestone, Amelia, Latka, O-Ring, Sponge & Houdizzle
  • AO -

6 fanny pack-less Mankini models manufactured some swampy nachos on a B E A Utiful morn in the big city…

Gloom Observations – I walked up and SpongeBob was talking about $1 draft night at the Drive game – he’s so fratastic.  Latka had on some new board shorts, ideal for swimming in your own stank.  Amelia is addicted to the MainTaint, he knows where the real sauce is made.  O-Ring is going to Puerto Rico soon and his tan is terrible, he is also a big Chatty Kathy so don’t let him corner you if you’re in hurry.  Firestone(storm) was visiting from Charlotte, I am confident that we impressed him with our maturity as we spent 45 minutes talking about wieners/fun bags/nugs and how much of a role they play in this crazy thing called life.  I chode to not take any chances so I was lubed up in all high-risk areas for flesh fire, when the shavocado gets burning the butter starts churning….

Warm up:
You guessed it – SSH X69 and IW X69

The Taint:

Mosey around backside of the GNEWs and head towards the Chamber

Peeled off in random parking gooch for LBCs X30 Flutters X15 IC and Air Humping X15

Chamber lot for Merkins X20 MCs X30

Mosey down to Airplane on a Stick for Dips X30 Flutters X15 LBCs X30

Lunge walk across the bridge then mosey up the backside towards Sidewall Pizza jaunt

Mature discussion about poor food grades / stirring mechanics / cocktail purity

Repeat of Merkins X20 and MCs X30

Mosey up alongside NEXT building and take the CSP Bridge down – Stopping twice for the two aforementioned exercising sequences and lunge walk to finish out the bridge

Taint by the Reedy – pause for squats X25 and then Merkins X40 on the boulders at the Falls

Squats X25

Dips X30 before heading back trail to Halls – Lunge walking through tunnel

Mosey across the Reedy to Wyche pavilion and lunge walk past it

Ampitheater for Dips X30

Mosey to the PEACE

LBCS / FREDDYs / Flutters

Naked Moleskin:

F3 Dads – Sponge will wear a baby bjorn carrying a doll and do burpees on it

O-Ring will V-Q it on the 28th

Latka will be getting some SwampRabbit golf info together shortly



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