• Workout Date - 08/22/2014
  • Q In Charge - Nature Boy
  • The PAX - Aloha, Mega-mu, Nature Boy, Hootie, Grimm Reaper, Padre, Grill Cheese on a Dounut, Amelia, Punch Out, Ercle, Slim, Armanti
  • AO -

Started with a 2 lap mosey of the battle ground around 5:25am. We had 13 PAX that brought the HEAT. My hats off to Mega and especially Aloha who pulled away at the end. Aloha is challenged by his height, but more than makes up with his perseverance, hard work and the biggest heart in the field. We are Blessed to have a guy who consistently wins and leads with a humble spirit, always encouraging everybody in the field. Mega was right there on his tail the majority of the race, but at the end Hawaiiboy jacked it in with a strong finish. Aloha is still my target and goal to catch that beast of a Hawaiian, and I mean that with all due respect to his heritage. Hootie was close on my tail and ran me down from 200-300 yards behind on the back stretch of lap 6 and scared the crap out of me. He said ” Nature Boy! I am on your ASS!” I was going full out, so the last lap was a race. Luckily, I had a pain station of 200 feet of lunges, where I like to be. Fast runner is not Nature Boy’s strength, but Hootie is a road burner!! As I was running I noticed everyone working hard and pushing themselves. This was the best effort that I have noticed at a Crucible. GCOD, Punch out, ¬†Amelia, Slim, Grimm Reaper thank you for leaving it on the track. Next time we will start the Crucible with all 3 leg work outs just for Mega, since he loves them so much so we can good and warmed up quick! Woooooooooooo 40 hand-release push-ups (release when chest touches) – Run 800m/.5 miles – 200ft. Burpee broad jump (no stutter steps) – Run 800m/.5 miles – 60 butterfly sit-ups (feet together and arms crossed on chest, touch shoulders to ground then hands to shoes) – Run 800m/.5 miles – 200ft. Bear crawl (hips at any height) – Run 800m/.5 miles – 80 Bodyweight squats (thighs parallel at bottom) – Run 800m/.5 miles – 200ft. Walking lunges (knee must touch ground, hands can push off knees) – Run 800m/.5 miles After Crucible, we ran a mosey lap and circled up. Tebo has a cross country run this Saturday morning, Check F3SwampRabbit mid week update for details! Pray for Spicoli, Erector, Collin Mackey’s Son Drew, Josiah, and all of our brothers suffering and fighting Satan with the Full Armor of God! Lord, thank you for the physicality and all of the gifts that you have Blessed F3Nation with and the direction of our Leadership. Please use all of us as tools to Glorify and seek your Will! Thank you for the hearts and Fruits of the Spirit that you have planted in all of these men and most of all, thank you for sending your son Jesus into this wretched world to be a Servant of you Father. I pray that you would mold us everyday to become more like Jesus, who Conquered Satan at Calvary and gave all of His Disciple the authority of him. With our words spoken out loud, Satan is a coward and has no choice but to obey all authority over him. My brothers use this power!

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