Bob Barker's Beach Body Workout

  • Workout Date - 04/27/2017
  • Q In Charge - Bob Barker
  • The PAX - SA, Erector, Wax On, The Muff, Spandex, Almond Joy, Cockroach, ITunes, NoBars, Walley
  • AO -

10 made the gloom for some love

Warm-up: 25 SSH- IC, 25 IW- IC, 10 Merkins, up/down cadence

The Q’s slow count Cadence problems created much mubblechatter


A Q on the fly resulted in the Tunnel of love across park front; rinse & repeat style (Blue was there in spirit). Disclaimer; since this was an on the fly Q with a long period before writing the Backblast, some of the actual events documented may not be accurate or in order

Mosey to the Park entrance to begin walking lunges from hydrant up to last lamppost.  These were done as a group, in a right/left leg cadence, to each lamppost.  At the lampposts, we all drop for 15 count, slow controlled Freddie Mercurys. the lunges/freddies continue to each lamppost until the top is reached.

In the park entrance, Pax does 20 dips, 10 with one leg up, then 10 witht he other leg up.

Across the street we grab some wall for Ascending Testicles; 5 merkins at 15degrees, 5 at 45 degrees, 5 at 60 degrees, and 5 with Balls against the wall (I think all just held the position, but great effort by all!!). Followed by a 1 minute wall sit, then a 30 sec plank hold with a 30sec hand walk-out plank (superman plank??) with a final 30 sec normal plank hold. Q recollects throwing some American Hammers in for good measure.  Another 1 minute wall sit seemed appropriate too.

Since all seems to enjoy the walking lunges, we all lunge back down the promenade, 1 lamppost section at a time with our slow count Freddies to really feel the Abs burn. Someone (AJ?) announces that we still have 15minutes left, so we mosey to the theater for some fun.

At the theater, we do 5 box jumps, drop and do 10 Freddie Murcurys, then 10 more box jumps upp the next level with 10 more Freddies. This is repeated until we reach the top. Still 5 minutes to go, so we rinse & repeat!!


15yr Wedding anniversary for No Bars.  3 weeks for SA 🙂

Grrr’s Grandmother in-law past, so prayers for all his family



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