Boatload of suck and I'm not sorry about it!

  • Workout Date - 05/09/2016
  • Q In Charge - Uncle Remus
  • The PAX - Data, Mud Puppy, Pacer, Grit, Ditka, Uncle Remus (YHC)
  • AO -


SSH x 20
I want to get going at this point – still waiting for Ditka…
IW x 10 (HEY! There’s Ditka, let’s mosey!)

The Thang:

Dead Chief Indian Run to the top of Peace Center steps
* we are substituting burpees for 10 single count American Hammers as YHC’s hammy is mending

At the top of the steps – its time for The Terrible Two AMRAP:
Lap One:
10 dips on the wall at the top of the steps
Mosey to near fountain for 10 Derkins
Wall Crawl on opposite fountain from beginning to end of fountain.
Run south down Main St. to the steps, hang a Ralph to the bottom of the steps – hang another Ralph and head back to the steps by Peace Center
Joe Hendricks up the stairs to round off Lap 1.

Lap Two:
12 Jump Lunges where we did dips.
Mosey to where we did Derkins for 12 box jumps on the wall
Duck Walk length of wall where we did Wall Crawls
Run back down Main St., down steps and back over to steps leading to Peace Center
Jump Squat every step on the way up – (DEEP squats encouraged!!)

At the top of the stairs revert back to all the arm work – when you get back to the top of the steps revert to leg work.
This keeps up for 30 minutes of PURE SUCK!!!

I hated myself midway thru and momentarily contemplated calling audible… not happening. Let’s do work!

YHC called to PAX when we were on the last lap and to meet at the bottom of the steps – those there first were planking without being prompted – AYE, boys!

Dead Chief Indian Run (with 10 single count American Hammers)

Time is up as soon as we return to flag – GREAT WORK TODAY, FELLAS!!!!

F3 Dad Camp is Aug 12th – 14th. Data, Pacer, Epee and I went last year and are signed up again this year with other PAX already signed up. This is an incredible weekend – you don’t want to miss it!

YHC’s brother goes in to have part of his liver removed to remove cancerous tumor on 5-23.

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