Bluffton, Get Movin'

  • Workout Date - 04/15/2015
  • Q In Charge - Gambit
  • The PAX - Stones, Flo, Diapers, 12 Gauge, Judge Judy, FNG-Clayton Colleran (Food Stamps), FNG-Will Sielve (Flash), FNG-Lewis Campbell (Gator bait), FNG-Jason Broene (Buckeye), FNG-Tabor Vaux (Govna)
  • AO -

Longbottom posting for Gambit

11 pax made it out despite the threat of rain and removed themselves from the comfort of their fartsack.

Govna, Gambit, Stones, 12 Gauge get extra credit for running to the workout


SSH x 20

Squat x 15

IW x 15

The Thang

Indian run single file to historic church and partner up for some Dora 1.2.3 (on partner sprints to the light pole and back while other starts knocking out the exercises.

100 x Merkins, 200 x squats, 300 x LBC’s

Plank till the 6 is done

10 count

mosey back to park

line up, Q call out exercise pax are to complete

1. Bear Craw to large tree and back

2. side shuffle to tree and back

3. lunge walk to tree and run back

4. inch work push-up to the tree and run back

5. burpee broad jump to tree and run back

6 minutes of Mary (Q’ed by Judge Judy and 12 Gauge)

1. plank x 30 ct

2. plank to side plank and hold for 10 ct (do both sides)

3. Push-up with a twist-  in push up position bring knees to elbows and push up by bringing head to the ground-  to hard to count

4. flutters x 15

5. side plank on bows for 20 ct

6. plank leg lifts x 10 slow count


COT, Name-o-rama, BOM

Talked up the purpose and mission of F3 and named 5 new pax.

Gambit, Stones, Govna ran back-  12 gauge caught a ride



3 thoughts on “Bluffton, Get Movin'”

  1. Dubois park (aka shrimp boat park) in downtown historic bluffton on Wednesday morning for now. Hard launch is Sat. May 2 at buckwalter park (but this could move to Dubois, it is under discussion)

  2. Nice! My family has a house down on the May River so I know exactly where you are talking about. I should be down there on May 2nd, if so, I will be there. I’ll be on the look out to see if there is a change in location.

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