Blue learned some new tricks

  • Workout Date - 12/27/2016
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii
  • The PAX - Grr, Wally, Wax On, Perry Mason, COCKROACH
  • AO -

6 Braved the harsh 53 degree weather #sarcasm to fight their way out of the #sack for a Blue Hawaii rinse and repeat style Q at #TheStation #GYLT


20 ic x Ssh
31 ic xHill Billy’s
10 ic X Slow count Merkins
Arm Circles. YHC was so excited to be out with the Pax this am he decided to do a move that looked like a terrordactyl although Yhc missed pronounced it for a daffodil….Anyways time to wake up. Grr corrected me with much enjoyment.

The Thang

The PAX moseyed to the picnic tables. We centered 5 tables in the middle so there was plenty of room on both sides. We then did what YHC is now naming the “Matt Fraser’s” (2016 Fittest Man on Earth) it includes box jump, step up and over the table, burpee…rinse and repeat X 10reps for 3 sets..#thisgotthebloodpumpinh

Let’s mosey to the island

20 Ic x Fludders

7s included Chest to bars and Jump squats

Rinse and Repeat

7s included hanging knees to elbows and lunges

Rinse and Repeat

7s included hanging toes to Bar and sumo squats #mummblechatter/revolt

The Pax mosey over to the steps to visit our buddy Joe up to Cannon st. YHCs dealer was waiting at the curb but he was ignored and slowly drove on. Grab some curb…IN AND OUTS right leg first. Core tight.

The Pax lined up at the light pole on Cannon. YHC Thought about a fireman carry and then quickly decide against for that instead we will do synchronized Lunges to the stop sign. Cock roach asked a few steps in “is there a stop sign between here and that one up the hill” YHC Ignored and started asking what santa brought everyone to take our minds of the #Suck.

Blue- got bumper plates for the shack..GRR quietly explained to Croach what they are. Grr said this is for Blues coach days…

COCKROACH- got pots and pans. He will make a great house wife one day.

GRR- got a Patagonia jacket. He will continue to be forever frattastick.

Perry Mason- got some new shirts. YHC poked the bear with some JC Penney comments…Perry then explained he got them from YHCs store Smith and Before he could finish Grr piped in with “you mean baby gap”. Even YHC got a chuckle at my own expense on this one. Thanks for waking up Grr!

Wax on- got fat…his words not mine. Well played sir…

Wally- sorry Wally YHC doesn’t remember what the hell you got. I think the the sweat started clogging my ears at this point…

The Pax finally reached the top and moseyed over for some balls to wall and wall sits. #walkinglikeaduck

The Pax moseyed to the circle only to be faked out back to the picnic tables to finish up with 5 Matt Fraser’s (2016 Crossfits Fittest Man of the Year)


prayer requests

Continue to pray for blues mom
Continued prayers for GRRs friend Eve and family.
Any unspoken prayers


If you read this backblast you can tell the workout sucked but we had a ton of fun. However small numbers for a Tuesday. The weather was awesome so not any excuses. We need to encourage the Pax to get back out and get our numbers back to normal. If you weren’t there you where missed #GYLT AND GET OUT THE DAMN SACK.

That’s all have a blessed day.


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