Blue Hawaii Crucible VQ

  • Workout Date - 04/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii
  • The PAX - Amelia VT, Houdini, 00, Pledge, Bio Freeze, and Mr Kottier
  • AO -

YHC had a blast at the Crucible Vq! Although YHC was not aware of all requirements that needed to take place beforehand…oops sorry not sorry! Anyway YHCs first Crucible experience was an absolute suck fest put on by the one and only SpongeBob! The race was memorable so YHC feels like its only right to continue this great format with a little Hawaiian flare!

Partner race, AMRAP until 6:15:
Run to the Bowater parking garage, run up the stairs to top floor
20 X Merkins at the top
Run to the bottom
30X Big boy situps
Run around Larkins, up the stairs to the Peace Center square
10 X Burpees
Run up Main street, turn left at the Westin, into the parking garage, run up the stairs to the top
30X Squats
20x plank shoulder touches
Run to the bottom
30X big boy sit-ups
Run to the Peace Center, down the stairs to the Amphitheater, around the left to the bridge
10 X Pull-ups on the railing!

Congrats to Amelia on taking the VT!! Houdini killed it as well! 00 and Mr Kottier suffered some minor injuries but Both seem to have recovered well. Also if anyone knows where GCOD is please let YHC know. YHC is concerned since he made it clear the night before on Twitter he would be make it…#fartsack

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