BLOCKS Party with the TOTdashians

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  • Workout Date - 10/20/2016
  • Q In Charge - Squid
  • The PAX - Lite Brite, Hulk Smash (Respect), Celine Deon, Short Barrel, Urban, Road Trip, Third Base, ATM, NYOPT, Squid (YHC)
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From Squid:

YHC had been mulling over a sadistic twist to BLIMPS by adding coupons, and therefore the idea of BLOCKS was born. When Soccer Mom announced the Q was open for 10/20, it was time to execute the plan on a fine autumn morning with the temp hovering around 68 degrees?! As the PAX began to gather, there were multiple predictions about “no running” and “0.0’s” given my misinterpreted disdain for running. Unfortunately, the forecast was wrong and the “running nerds” (Celine Deon’s Lexicon) would rejoice.

YHC initially thought we had a FNG joining the group and immediately prepared to provide the F3 Mission Statement. However, after rebooting the facial recognition software, it turned out ATM made an appearance!

-SSH with intended mid-exercise transition to Smurf Jacks (Result: epic failure with mass confusion)
-Imperial Walkers

Mosey to the blockpile, grab coupons. YHC immediately discovered that originally planned run path around the church would now be extended due to construction. Audible to keep the same planned distance? Nope, time to run farther than expected.

Here’s the BLOCKS party held in the church parking lot:
-10 Blockees (aka, ManMakers), take a lap around the church
-20 Lunges (each leg) w/coupon, take a lap around the church
-30 Overhead Press, take a lap around the church
-40 Curls (since it’s apparently still beach season), take a lap around the church
-50 Kardashians? (see note), take a lap around the church
-60 Squats, take a lap around the church

Note: exercises beginning with the letter K are almost non-existent. Therefore, the “Kardashian” was born. Essentially, perform front shoulder raise as if you are taking a selfie with a coupon. PAX were advised to remain clothed for the 50 “selfies.”

Even with the extended running distance, the merry band of TOT weirdos finished slightly ahead of schedule. Time for impromptu InchWorm Indian Run with all PAX holding plank and last man Bear Crawling to the front. Finished after 1 Bear Crawl and eternal plank per PAX. Return coupons and mosey to the Tower for Mary.

Only a few minutes left for Mary:
-Alternating Shoulder Taps x20
-LBCs x 20

Gideon’s workout now moved to Sunday mornings starting 10/23
F2 Opportunity: Friday 10/21 @ 11:30am @ Dish Out on Wade Hampton
Dine Out for Moms—in planning stages; more to follow
TOT 10/24: ATM Bday Q on 10/24
TOT 10/27: ThirdBase Q (#gooddaytofartsack)
TOT 10/31: ACA Halloween Q on 10/31 (ACA always wears a costume; other PAX encouraged to do so on this day)
TOT 11/7: Dual Q by Lite Brite & Squid for (early) Tribute to Veterans Day and USMC Bday (yes, there will be grunting, barking, and cadences)

Praise/Prayer Requests:
F3 Greenville NC protected assisted living center with 20K sandbags during hurricane
Peyton Reed (7 year old with cancer)
ATM’s sister-in-law Ashely needing divine intervention in her life and prayers for her children
F3 Sandman-suffered heart attack after Q’ing workout in Concord; now in stable condition
Family of Shawn Tate (8 year old who passed away in Mauldin)

Naked Moleskin:
Great work by all. Lots of mumble chatter about the workout involving coupons AND running ~2 miles. As I explained, I don’t disdain running, but I do disdain using a calendar to time my runs. Hulk Smash (Respect) is my new running idol as he was passing people like playing Mario Karts!

Proud to stand next to you, humbled to have the opportunity to lead you!


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