Blocks in the gloom

  • Workout Date - 10/06/2021
  • Q In Charge - Cocoon
  • The PAX - Turban, Priscilla, Aorta, Daddy Warbucks
  • AO - Tower of Terror

Two flags were planted, 5 pax circled up for Wednesday at Tower of Terror.


SSH, Imperial Walkers, Through the Tunnel all x25 IC

Squat and box, 20 oyo, Tempo Merkins x10 IC, Mountain Climbers x10IC

Mosey to the block area to grab 3 blocks and then to FBS

the Thang:

two groups: one does stationary workout, other runs lap around church office

workout 1: Block Swings x15, side plank crunches x15 each side, Bent over rows x15 each side (repeat once)

workout 2: Goblet Squat x 10, Curls x 10, tricep extension w/block x10 (repeat once)

workout 3: OH press w/block x 10, Derkins x10, curls again x10 (repeat once)

mosey to dry spot under church shelter for: Freddie Kruegers up to 20:5, Flutters x25 IC, LBC x25 IC, tempo merkins x10, monkey humpers, boat/canoe

circled up for prayer