Blocks….heavy? Lt. Dangle has an answer for that!

  • Workout Date - 10/23/2019
  • Q In Charge - Lt. Dangle
  • The PAX - Beautiful Day, Turben, HFT (the real one!), No Show, Butterbean, De La Rocha, Cyclone, Rasheed Wallace
  • AO - Tower of Terror

COT turned into a Fight Club this morning when Lt. Dangle failed at social media and two Q’s rolled into the circle. Crime fighters in short shorts always beat out engineers (side note… especially when they are still tire and wearing the 28.3 Make a Wish shirt from the weekends festivities)! This mornings  WOD was in my head and that’s generally not a good thing.

Mission statement: Nailed it? Close…a bit long winded!

Disclaimer: DO THE WORK!

Warm up:

Mtn. Climbers x 25 IC

Plank Jacks x 15 OYO

IW x 15 IC or HFT’s if you’ve been stalking!

Mosey to grab some blocks!

The Thang: Shave some weight off the blocks!


Merican’s with block drag and some BIG BOY SIT UPS

What are we doing in between the two exercises you ask?

Hair burners from the Merican’s to the BBSU.

Bear Crawl Block Drag from the BBSU to the Merican’s.

Mumble chatter was at a minimum!

80’s music Cyclone doesn’t know……Lt. Dangle figured that one out this morning!

7’s Cuz I was pressed for time

Squats with the block and Monkey Hummers

Sprint…sprint and sprint in between the exercises!

Whoops that took 3 minutes according to Cyclone. Should’ve done 11’s.

25’s Ab time!


25 Bicycles forward

25 Bicycles reversed

25 Flutter x 4

25 Oblique V-up L

25 Oblique V-up R

20 American Hammer’s (cuz the Q was tired)

Filler for the morning????

Let’s do 2 more rounds of Hair Burners! 

Put the blocks up and mosey back to the flags!


Jail break from the Clock Tower to the Ice Cream Station x 2 (up and back..repeat)


Announcements:  Run this and run that. Train and ask Whisper!

Make a Wish foundation 28.3 coming in May 2020!


Rasheed’s friend dealing with addiction. Relapsed after 7yrs.

HFT has a co-worker whose mother was diagnosed with cancer..this is the second time and they do not know where the cancer is at.

Butterbeans friends brought to light an addiction with pornography. Don’t get separated from GOD!

Cyclone attended the funeral of a good friends 9 year old son who passed. Life if fragile…hug the ones you love!

Priscilla is traveling to Israel.


HFT’s friends daughter came to christ this past weekend.

Butterbeans friend brought to light an addiction with pornography. Don’t get separated from GOD! Yep this one is both prayer and praise.


Leading F3 is a pleasure not a burden! I do agree that inflicting pain upon others is a great motivator and why a majority of us decide to Q but make no mistake the faith and fellowship bring you back. Fitness in numbers = accountability,  Fellowship in numbers = reaching out past your comfort level, Faith in numbers = strength! If you think F3 is not for you then you’re wrong,    


Lt. Dangle

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