Blocks Build Character

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  • Workout Date - 12/29/2016
  • Q In Charge - Grrr
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii, Wax-On, Perry Mason, Wally, FNG-Mike AKA CarMax, & Grrr
  • AO -

God blessed the Station with perfect weather this morning. The rain stopped and it was a #balmy 51 degrees. Perfect for a #downpainment. 5 men including an FNG joined YHC this wonderful morn. I must give Blue credit for HC’ng the FNG, just threw up in my mouth a little, I’m ok now 😉 Good work Blue! PAX was curious where the rest of the Station crew has been lately #newyearsresolutions Enough talking, let’s roll!

SSH x 20 IC
Butt kickers 30 seconds
Chilly Jacks x 20 IC (YHC overhears PAX grumble b/c ground is wet. Glad you guys are awake now)

Work Out
Lt. Dan up to 4/16
Mosey to corner of Jason & HWY 14
Big Boys x 20 OYO
Mosey to MUMC parking lot, partner up, & grab a block

Dora-Partner performs exercise while other runs to end of parking lot and backpedaling back
– 50 x Man Makers(Crowd Pleaser)
– 50 x Squats (Blue channels his best personal trainer voice and antics) #formpolice
– 200 x Block Curls
– 300 x Block Chest Press
Perry Mason asked when the workout was going to start #pokethebear
Alright, YHC channels his best 00 so we stop at church steps
Spider Man walk the top and hold Al Gore
Mosey to corner of Jason & HWY 14
Indian Run to front of City park
-25 Dips OYO
-10 Box Jumps run to fountain & 10 Superman Merkins
-Duck Walk back to circle (Bag O Tricks & Blue is happy)

Erectors x 20 IC
Don’t Cross Dali x 20 IC #turrrible
Billy Idols x 20 IC

Welcome Mike now known as CarMax. He works as finance manager at auto dealer. He is in the Army and currently serving. We appreciate our Vets. Welcome brother!
Prayers for Blue’s mom and YHC’s friend Eve
Small intimate group this morning, but the energy was high and we pushed ourselves. #fellowship

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