Block Party

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  • Workout Date - 02/18/2020
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Sweat Shop Smoky Banjo Rainbow Warrior, Rainbow Dash, Caviar, Crash, Three Buck Chuck, Hot N Ready, Hootie, Chaps, Junk Bond, Tatonka, Marsha Marsh Marsha, Ice
  • AO - Main Thang

14 men posted at #MainThang for a party. Little did they know, YHC brought coupons!!!

The Thang:
SSH x20
Merkins x10 (slow count cadence)
IW x10
Count off – 1’s and 2’s (no Rainbow Warrior, you can’t be #3)
Grab cinder blocks and form 2 lines. Indian run to the top of the Poinsett Hotel garage (this IR required each person to pass the block backwards, then the last person sprinted to the front of the line with the block).

Once at the top – plank up in 2 lines – Team drag queens (once you’ve passed the block, 5 merkins, back to plank). We did this for 2 rounds (20 total merkins)

Next, form 2 lines on the wall for People’s chair. Person with block does 10 squatNpress, pass the block down the line (staying in PC without the block).

Still at the top of the deck, form 1 big circle with blocks across the circle from each other. Person with block does 5 manmakers, everyone else SSH, repeat until everyone has done manmakers.

Repeat the People’s Chair routine then form 2 lines to Indian Run back down. Once at the bottom of the deck, circle up for 6MOM (dealer’s choice)

Head back to the PC with a block IR

Once back to the PC, 10 derkins/15 dips then 5 diamond derkins (thanks Hootie) / 10 dips


– Nothing like a little friendly competition to really push ourselves this morning. Group 1 was victorious, but group 2 has filed a formal protest citing group 1’s poor form and questionable motives (breaking one of the blocks)
– Great to see @Crash back in Greenville #thatdidnttakelong

– Legacy starts back this Sat – 7am. Hope to see everyone there
– The Saturday workouts for The Station (Greer) and Gideon’s House (downtown) have been contracted.
– Be on the lookout for details on a 2020 Jackalope and one other “homegrown” CSAUP
– Check out Mentor Upstate

– Continue to pray for Ian
– 3 Buck Chuck cancer free for 3 years now!!

See ya in the gloom…..


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