Block Party

  • Workout Date - 09/18/2018
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Benign, Elmer, WiFi (WD), Cocoon, Beamer, Zebco, Sling Blade, NYOPT, Cyclone, Bernie, Sticky Willy, Ron Swanson, Iceman
  • AO - Golden Strip

13 men posted at #GoldenStrip for their Tuesday #downPAINment. YHC saw the #batsignal from @NYOPT on Monday needing to fill some Q slots. So jumped at the chance and put together a workout….

The Thang:
SSH x20
Tempo merkins x10, plank until the site Q made it to the circle
Tempo squats x13 – @Elmer joined us
Bombjacks x10 OYO

Line up for an Indian Run
1st two guys in the line step to the side for 10 bombjacks, then sprint to catch the back of the line.
Make our way out of the parking lot, Right on Holland, right into the bus staging area and down to the shed

Partner up and everyone grab a block for Dora
P1 – farmer’s carry both blocks out and back (approx. 80 yds, round trip)
P2 – exercise
Hand release merkins x75
Skier squats x150
Mtn Climbers x225 (dc)

Little bit of core work then on to the next phase, with blocks

Burpee Builder (using the bus loop)
Corner 1 – 10 merkins (on the block)
Corner 2 – 10 donkey kicks (on the block)
Corner 3 – 10 squats (with the block)
Chest press until everyone is finished

Burpee Builder Part Deaux (correctly predicted by @Zebco)
Corner 1 – 10 merkins
Corner 2 – 10 merkins, 10 donkey kicks
Corner 3 – 10 merkins, 10 donkey kicks, 10 squats
Chest press until everyone is finished

Not done with the block yet!!
Bermuda Triangle
7 curls from the bottom to half way
7 curls from the top to half way
7 curls full range

20 big boy sit ups – courtesy @NYOPT

Bermuda Triangle – 2nd set

Flutters – courtesy @Zebco

Bermuda Triangle – 3rd set

Put the blocks back and mosey to the circle

Tempo American Hammers x10


Naked Moleskin
– Thought the site Q had gone #refusenik on me and then he showed up mid way through the warmup.
– The blocks never disappoint
– We found @Zebco’s #wheelhouse. He crushed the burpee builders. Oh, and he signed up for his #VQ this Thursday. Come out and support him
– @SlingBlade is out busting his hump at 15 years old. Impressive to say the least. I’m sure those other prep wrestlers don’t have a chance!

– If you like running and beer, see @Elmer. He’s got a race for you

– @Elmer’s friend battling cancer.
– All those impacted by Hurricane Florence. F3 is collecting money and supplies to support those areas hardest hit. Watch Twitter or Facebook on how you can support the relief efforts.

See ya in the gloom….


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