Block-O-Rama / Shelter of Pain

  • Workout Date - 07/15/0004
  • Q In Charge - Slug
  • The PAX - Hook & Ladder, Brown Shorts, Seal, Yukilus, Cabin Fever, Gluten, Hockey Lot, Gristle, Keystone, Inspector Gadget, Flo Rider, Quickie, Hot Lips,
  • AO -

-14 PAX made to Powderkeg this morning resisting the temptation to fartsack due to the rain.  Todays workout brought lots of pain, at least for YHC!  Good thing for the PAX that we ran out of time at the end because I planned to polish off the pain with by bringing Sally back.  YHC will have to get that one in again early next time for those that missed my first run at her.  Here is what went down:


Happy Jacks x 5 IC (5-IC SSH then 2 jump squats = 1, do 5 total)

Monkey Humpers x 15 IC

Circuit of Pain (5 merkins IC, 5 mountain climbers IC, pop up and jump, rinse and repeat 5 times)

The Thang:

Partner up and mosey to block pile to collect coupons and then to picnic shelter

A Dora of sorts with the following:

– 50 pullups, partner runs to my truck in upper parking lot and back to shed (flip flop)

– 100 curls with block, partner runs to my truck in upper parking lot and back to shed (flip flop)

– 150 lat pulls with block, partner runs to my truck in upper parking lot and back to shed (flip flop)

– 200 squats with block, partner runs to my truck in upper parking lot and back to shed (flip flop)

Plank till everyone finishes, then return blocks to their resting place.  Mosey to end of lower parking lot – fly-over penalty, 10 burpies OYO

Leapfrog with partner from end of parking lot to stairs in center of parking lot, Joe Hendrix up the stairs

top of stairs, one partner does Globe jumps (jump to right, back left & back to starting position) while other partner runs around parking isle to previous location, back up stairs to relieve partner doing Globe jumps, then flip-flop

Joe Hendrix up second flight of stairs to next level.  One partner does diamond merkins until partner returns from running around parking level as before, then flip-flop

Joe Hendrix up third flight of stairs to final level of parking lot.  One partner does body builders (burpie with plank jack) until partner returns from running around parking level, then flip-flop

then Flutter kicks till everyone finished and then continued flutter kicks until everyone was ready to spill merlot (courtesy of Hook & Ladder).  This would have continued, but Inspector Gadget demanded we stop.  YHC was dying and also pointed out the fact that we were one minute over the time limit.


-Q calendar is empty except April 2nd.

-Milliken 5K in Spartanburg this Saturday for anyone interested.  Quickie is doing it.

-Connector Run in Anderson April 4th

-Night Ops with Seal on Sunday evening @ 7:00 pm at Lions Den (Greenville Zoo)

-USMC Mud run still open for those interested (4-11-15)


-Palmetto 200 race this weekend, keep those guys in your prayers.  Brown Shorts Driving Van for the team

-Hockey Lot’s father-in-law battling alcohol addiction, started back drinking again after 3 years of being sober

-Slugs former manager at previous company, his wife died of cancer yesterday.  She was 53 and they have 3 kids.  Also, I will be traveling next week, pray for my wife and kids to be healthy and safe while I’m away, 3 of them had the flu last month when I traveled

-Dommer’s traveling, and has had sick family members.  keep him and his wife and kids in your prayers

-Quickie’s wife is 10 weeks pregnant.  Pray for a healthy pregnancy

-Spidey and his wife had a miscarriage.  Keep them in your prayers and for time to heal their loss

-Brown Shorts brother-in-law still recovering from a stroke, pray for him to continue to have a full recovery

Closed out with a reading of the Word 2 Timothy 2:22

Run from anything that stimulates youthful lusts. Instead, pursue righteous living, faithfulness, love, and peace. Enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts.

This companionship is what we get from F3.  YHC is thankful to be able to spend 4 days of my week getting sharpened by each of you.






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