Block Death March

  • Workout Date - 03/19/2016
  • Q In Charge - Wally
  • The PAX - Cockroach, Footloose, Oui Oui, Caliendo, Pumper (from Greensboro), and YHC.
  • AO -

Today was my son’s 9th birthday so to celebrate I decided to grab the Q and earn my cake.  I perused the exercises to find some to match up with the letters in my son’s name.  Here’s what happened.

6 PAX chose to test their mettle this morning, including a visit from Pumper from Greensboro. Welcome to The Station, so glad you could join us! It was good to see some old friends and new faces this morning.  Caliendo made the journey, Oui Oui joined us again, Cockroach continued his Saturday posting streak and Footloose rolled in with his very own theme song blasting!  Not having a watch, I was informed that it was 7:00 sharp and I was already late.  Enough chatter, time to work.


15 SSH

15 Imperial Walkers

Time to for spell check.  Luckily Sam is short and simple, right?

“S” stood for Six-Pack – 1 pull-up and 5 merkins, then 2 pull-ups/4 merkins up to 5-1 then back down to 1-6.

“A” stood for Ascending Testicles (yes it is on the list) – we had to mosey to a wall for this so when we arrived, we got in first position with our feet up on the wall about a foot or two and did 10 merkins.  Then feet go up higher and 10 more merking.  Finally feet are as high as we can go (Balls to the Wall) for the final 10 merkins.  This one was tough.

“M” stood for Makhtar N’Diayes – so we did regular plank then elbow plank back to regular plank to the 4 count.

At this point we were all glad my son wasn’t named Sampson.

On to the blocks!!!  We moseyed to the church and had our cup of Joe Hendrix up the church steps, then partnered up for some block Dora 1-2-3-2-1.

100 block squats

200 block overhead presses

300 block curls

200 block chest presses

100 block squats

We had a lot of mumble chatter and I was informed we had almost used up our entire hour.  Time to hurry back to the circle.

As we moseyed back, I realized we hadn’t introduced our guest to the amphitheater or showed off our fountain, so lets stop at the bottom of the back hill leading to the amphitheater.

Crab walk up the hill, then lunge walk to the steps on either side and forward bear crawl down the steps.

Just enough time for 2 MOM which included Rosy, Erectors, and LBC’s.

8:00 on the dot and we are done.

Prayers for Walker and Nail-Pop and family.

Prayers for the officer killed in the line of duty yesterday and his family.

Prayers for our brothers running the Palmetto 200.


It was awesome making new friends and seeing folks we haven’t seen in a while this morning.  I know we all are busy and sometimes can only post during the week, but Saturdays are a great workout and a good chance for some 2nd F.  I encourage all PAX to come join us one Saturday.  Men, it was a pleasure as always.

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