BLIMP'orama at SOS

  • Workout Date - 07/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - T-Bag
  • The PAX - Quickie and T-Bag
  • AO -


72° with maybe 100% humidity


20xSSH 20X Windmills

The Thang

I was signed up to Q but T-bag had a good idea…I think… Let’s do BLIMPS! So we started with 2 of everything and made a lap around the park then 3 of everything then a lap on up to 6 BLIMPS and back down to 2. Well I look at my watch and its 6:13 so we mosey back to the SF and got in 15 flutters. In all we ran for 2.72 miles for 2 soaking wet PAX.YHC is loading up heading down to the Grand Strand for a Q on Saturday. See ya in the Gloom!



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