Black Friday at Pitchfork

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  • Workout Date - 11/27/2015
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Earthmover, Whisper (respect!), Easy Bake, Soccer Mom, Thumper, Ponch, ATM (YHC)
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7 pax gathered in the gloom post-Thanksgiving to pump some iron at #pitchfork.  The shovel flags were planted (still looking at you @AffordableCareAct #lotsofburpeescoming), and the pre-workout #mumblechatter was focused on Thanksgiving lunch and the whereabouts of @Thumper.  After unsuccessfully trying to recruit YHC, @LookOutBelow and @ThirdBase for a pre-workout ruck, @Thumper went all one-man-band on us and rucked alone.  #beast #acceleratingman

Warm-up:  HB x 25 IC, SmurfJacks x 20 IC (this prompted a slightly melancholy “jump right in why don’t you” from @Earthmover, SSH x 15 IC.  @Ponch joined us during the SSH.  He didn’t really come in on 2 wheels or anything…more of a slow “I’m not completely sure why I came” Sunday drive through the parking lot.  TClaps to him though, cause he busted his tail once he joined the circle.

Thang:  at the Speedway.  Circle of Pain:  Goblet Squats x 20, Dumb-BCs (LBCs while holding 1 dumbell straight up) x 15 IC, Merkins x 10 IC, Bent Over DB Rows x 10 IC.  Mosey one lap around the speedway.  Repeato that circuit 2 more times.  @EasyBake doesn’t talk much during the workouts, but is fast around the speedway.  @Whisper likes interval running and is basically a machine that moves at the same pace – no faster, no slower…but NEVER stops!  TClaps brother.

Partner up.  Combined reps – 100 curls each arm, 150 flutters with 1 DB overhead, and 200 squats.  Squats started as front squats with both DBs…most pax including YHC modified to several varieties from Goblet Squats, DBs resting on shoudlers, or no weights at all.  Side note:  this modification is basically a microcosm of most F3 workouts – DO YOUR BEST.  Your only competition is the man you were yesterday.

4MOM – LBCs x 25 IC, Slow/Tempo/Horrible LBCs x 20 IC, Rosalita x 15 IC.

A – Christmas Party

P/P – @Thumper‘s M, Praise for Lilly, @ACA‘s family sick, Deb

Coffeeteria – 6 of 7 joined us at Java Bistro where we learned @SoccerMom is basically a carpenter, @Thumper is a jack of many trades and master of none (but he did buy everyone’s coffee – TClaps for that!).  As 0700 approached and the conversation was still in full swing, YHC suddenly realized that he was the only one dedicated to keeping the economy on track today by posting at WORK.  #bankershours? puh-leeze!

Always a pleasure to lead you men.  SYITG,


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