Birthday Q

  • Workout Date - 06/02/2016
  • Q In Charge - Perry Mason
  • The PAX - Wally, Cockroach, Slick Willy, Gilligan, Wilson, Sega, Carcass, Almond Joy, Perry Mason
  • AO -

9 PAX posted for an early Birthday Q (since I will be DR on Tuesday) from YHC at The Station as I prepare to turn 38. And as a special birthday surprise, who should roll in but Wilson. Apparently the rest of the Paris Mountain group had to bail this morning and he thought he would check in on what was going on at the Station. I guess this means we need to do some running now.


This will be a roving warmup, as we have some ground to cover. We started out with SSH, and there started to be some mumblechatter as we rolled past 30 (“Is it your birthday?” “How old ARE you, anyways?”). The PAX finally get to stop after we hit 38.

Next we mosey to Cannon Street for 38 Russian Twists before heading to the Mutual Store for 38 donkey kicks. Cross over towards Trade Street for 38 squats.

Time to line up for an Indian run down Trade. We stop at the Church of God for some Joe Hendrix and lunges when we hear the train whistle – 10 burpees.

Main Thang

We continue on to Veterans Park to take on Tank Street. Cockroach seemed excited to be there, and asked if we were going to do Dora. I like the enthusiasm, but I doubt there is time for that, so we do 11s with merkins at that top of the hill and big boys at the bottom.

We take 101 back to the Station since time is getting short, stopping periodically to do squats and wait for the PAX. When we get back to the circle, we had just enough time for 38ish (Slick wanted to mess up the count, so I thought I would just keep going until we had definitely done at least 38) Erectors before time ran out.


Prayers for Caliendo and Olive. Prayers for work issues. Prayers for those dealing with injuries.

Good work men.

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