Birthday Bashing

  • Workout Date - 11/01/2018
  • Q In Charge - ⚽️Mom
  • The PAX - Bernie, Beamer, Benign, Flo, NYOPT, Road Trip, Peek a Boo, Zebco
  • AO - Golden Strip

Birthday Q

Mission Statement ✔️

Disclaimer ✔️

Warm up:

SSH x20

Arm Circles

Merkins x10

Werkins x10

Staggered x10 right

Staggered x10 left

Diamonds x5

Mosey to Circle 

Partner up for DORA 

P1 run to stop sign and back 

P2 work

Burpees x45

Merkins x145

LBC x245

Flutters x345

American Hammer x245

Mountain Climbers x145

Burpees x45

That went quicker than expected!

Mosey back to the Flag. 


Squats x45

Calf Raises x45

Elbow Plank 45 seconds 

Superman 45 seconds 



COT: Grinch 5K/10K November 17?

Prayers for NYOPT daughter upcoming knee surgery

Brothers traveling

Always a pleasure! Come to Pitchfork tomorrow to continue the party!



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