Biofreeze Birthday Q

  • Workout Date - 10/01/2015
  • Q In Charge - Biofreeze
  • The PAX - Wally, itunes, Perry Mason, Spring Break, Slick Willy, Grr, Ricky Bobby
  • AO -

So I’m getting this up a little late, but it was a good morning for a work-out.



10 Merkins IC

10 Imperial walkers IC

Mosey to the amphitheater

I forgot the Joe suicides on the amphitheater steps in the original post!

Each man get a three step segment: Joe Hendricks to the first step with a merkin, come back to ground level with one merkin; Joe to step 2 with 2 Merkin’s and come back to ground level with 2 Merkin’s; Joe to third step with 3 merkins and crawl back to ground level with 3 Merkin’s. Rinse and repeat.

11 dips, 11 squat jumps, 11 derkins (33 total reps, I wonder how old the Q is?)

Rinse and repeat

climb amphitheater and use the hill on the back side for squat builder up to 10

Mosey down to the pond for swerkins done in cadence…maybe 8 of them?

Partner up on the peninsula for partner-pull ups: max reps on your own and burn out with assist from the partner

Recover with 10 werkins IC

Mosey up Cannon Street and grab some wall for 20 dips OYO

Turn up Arlington and stop at the light with Main Street for 10 squats IC

Mosey on to the church for some coupon work

Everyone grab a block and circle up:

10 Curls IC

10 merkins on the block OYO

10 Tricep extensions IC

10 merkins on the block OYO

10 Shoulder raises with the block IC

10 squats without the block IC

10 single leg, straight leg dead lifts each side IC

10 merkins on the block

10 shoulder presses with the block IC

Put the blocks away and back to the amphitheater

11 dips, 11 squat jumps, 11 derkins

Quick Mary: 33 Plank partner big boy sit-ups, each partner has a turn to plank and a turn to sit-up

That’s all the time we have!

Thanks for the fun birthday Q, fellas! Remember each other throughout the week and continually be in prayer for one another.

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