Bing is for doing.

  • Workout Date - 05/04/2016
  • Q In Charge - Zoila
  • The PAX - Bing (WD - The Fort/Fort Mill), Stewie, Katina, Debit, Zoila (YHC - WB)
  • AO -

Lots of cool stuff happening in the Swamp Rabbit region over the last year: Gideon’s House, Jackalope, Jackalope Pt 2, several pax in the Spinx, lots of rucking, PitchFork growth, and of course, Aces Wild.  Aces Wild started about a year ago if memory serves correctly, YHC has been at roughly 65% of them (and HC’ed to about 90%).  We’ve had some great pax come through here: GCOD, Houdini, Iceman, Seal, Nails, Soup, Preppy, Caviar, Weed Wacker, Screech, Lotion, etc (haven’t seen most of them lately).  Then there are the regulars: Latke, Stewie, 1040, Debit, Mr. Winslow, LIBOR, Satisfry (at times).

We’ve had a few FNG’s as well, none of which have visited any other AO’s (to my knowledge): Katina, Dufresne, Beast Lite, Toomers.

The absolute most consistent pax are Stewie and Latke.  Those guys have held this AO together through rain, cold, snow, sleet, hail, tornadoes, firestorms, and locusts.  T-Claps to Stewie and Latke, keep up the good work men.

The Conditions: Wonderful.  57 degrees Fahrenheit, humid.

The Thang: Hey there’s an FNG!  No, he’s visiting from the Fort (Ft. Mill region).  Awesome.  Hey, this is a running AO, you cool with that?  Ok great!

SSH x10

Russian Twist x20

Cross Augusta, right on Augusta Dr, bear right, left on Tomassee, that’s weird, there’s someone doing SSH’s at the old AO…  Stewie investigates.  They ran off.  Okay whatever.  Probably Mr. Winslow.

Proceed down Tomassee, right on Osceola, left on Edisto, right on Brookview, plank and wait.  Safety reminder about Faris.  Left on Faris, right onto the first entrance to the hospital, up the hill.

Escalator up the parking deck.

Merkins x5, Diamonds x10, Russian Twists x15, LBCs x20

De-escalator down the parking deck.

Mosey back the way we came, more or less.


Ye Olde Moleskine:

It’s always fun hosting pax from other regions.  Cross-pollination of terminology, exercises, and ideas is a crucially fun part to the F3 Experience.  Bing works for Microsoft (I think), and travels around the Carolinas, so maybe he’ll pass this way again.  Class act, great runner, and quick with the ideas.  Thanks to the Fort guys for sharing him with us for the morning.

If you were the lone pax working out at the old meeting point….we now meet at Starbuck’s on Augusta because Caviar wanted to and then quit F3.

Weed Wacker and Hootie: I know yall have a good routine going w/ Beverly/RoF, but every once in a while how bout yall come down to the minor leagues to show us how it’s done…?

Announcements: Jackalope 2 is June 11 at Conestee Park.  Flay needs Q’s.

Millenium Blue Falcon is happening sometime in May at ICAR.

Prayer Requests: Bing shared with us some 3rdF Fatherhood tips they had been discussing over the last month (thanks Bing).  YHC’s uncle has dementia and it’s getting worse.

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